If the woman has a strong character

If the woman has a strong character

In traditional understanding of the man there have to be strong, and women weak, and not only in respect of physical development, but also in respect of character that also "weaker sex" is reflected in terms "strong". Things are changing, and requirements to people change too. Any more the woman with strong character is not a rarity.


1. Often women with strong character are successful in the career plan: become tough heads, such dictators. But they try to obtain it independently, without someone's help from outside. They are able to overcome obstacles and not to give in to difficulties. Such women competently build up the relationship with colleagues, heads and subordinates. Despite dictatorial management style, they really control activity, but not just intimidate subordinates.

2. Though in career everything develops just perfectly, in private life the strong women have serious problems. Often lines from the "strong woman cries at a window" song are realized. Men got used to act as getters, conquerors, but that "victim" which the woman with strong character is, often is inaccessible to them. If the relations are entered, most likely, they will not lead to the successful final if the partner is not though a little to change.

3. Strong men are capable to take this unapproachable fortress, but the relations in couple can develop by the principle of a competition that, finally, will lead to a rupture of communication as eternally it is impossible to compete. And despite sexual equality, the man wants to care, indulge about someone, but not to make constant scandals from a series "who stronger". Weak men in the opinion of strong women will look myamlyam that also does not provide the harmonious relations. To avoid a similar fate, any woman sometimes needs to stay weak. Though first it will seem to strong women terrible prospect, actually, everything not so badly.

4. The main rule to which it is necessary to adhere in the relations is the absence of the main family member. For this purpose couples are also created that in them there was an equality. To be main and right, but to bring discomfort to the partner - the biggest mistake in the relations of two people. Strong women are most often subject to such mistakes. They aspire that the partner was a match for them, however, the true strength of the loving people in mutual respect and some manifestation of weakness. In the relation with children the same principle: sometimes it is necessary to make a compromise, to listen to opinion of the child, but to control each his action not tightly.

5. Women with the strong nature who at work show all the "nonfeminine" qualities of the house can relax and stay weak. Here will protect, will regret, will take care. Of course, suddenly it is impossible to become soft and obedient, but it is worth trying. Naturally, the loving partner accepts the companion such what she is, but also his role in formation of softness and loyalty of the woman is very big. When the woman feels that near her there are a support and protection, it will be simpler to it to relax and cease to keep everything under control.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team