If your adopted child

If your adopted child

To take in the family the child from orphanage and then to love it as native, it is necessary to have "big" heart and a lot of patience. At the beginning of a way there are always many questions: whether I will be able to fall in love with it as blood children will treat it whether it will be pleasant to it to live with us and similar questions.

Let's begin with the fact that each child living in orphanage understands that it has to have obligatory mom! He with this thought lives every day and looks forward when it comes. And when mom will arrive and will take away, he will surely love her and in everything to obey.

New parents will fall in love with the adopted child if they constantly about him care, spend much time, to communicate. It is proved that after the birth, young mothers too begin to love not at once the child as many in the postnatal period stay in a depression and cannot feel the joy of the birth of the long-awaited kid, and the love comes over time. This fact is not something wrong, in us the nature so put.

That your blood children were not jealous of you of receptions, acquaint them with care of the new brother or the little sister too. So they quicker each other will get used, and the adopted child will easier take root. It is possible to watch also together animated films, for example, "Mom for a baby mammoth", Mowgli, "38 parrots" (Grandmother series) and others, with obligatory discussion of what was seen. This mediated way will be much more psychologically more favorable for children, than if you asked directly. Children will speak not about themselves, and about animation heroes. Surely listen about what your children think and worry, only this way you learn their true relation to a situation.

At first the adopted child will be interesting to your blood children, then seeing your care of it and attention, will begin to be jealous. Here it is necessary very delicately, without forgetting also about blood children, to find time for the adopted child. Considering that to it your attention and caress it is necessary much more, he stays in the place, still others for it.

Also there can be a problem of negative attitude to the adopted child from relatives (the aunt, the uncle, the grandmother and the grandfather). They simply will not want to recognize it. Actually they are incited not against the identity of the child, and against those problems in the future which he can introduce with himself. For example, financial problems or deviant behavior which was transferred to him on genes. All similar prejudices of the family should be worried quietly. Over time seeing that you are fine, they will accept the new family member.

Only your patience, love and wisdom will help the adopted child to find family and to become her member, and to you to cease to notice that he is not blood.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team