Importance of early development of kids

Importance of early development of kids

Importance of early development is known practically by each parent who wishes to the child of the successful future. Development of the child since the birth is very important part of its further course of life. Having sent the kid to the center of development, it is important to remember that also independent training and education by parents is necessary.

With the child's birth the young parents begin to make plans for his future. They dream to grow up the kid the clever, purposeful, independent person. Many mothers and fathers nearly from the first days of the child think of how it is necessary to develop him and to train. Other adults, on the contrary, neglect training and development of the kid, considering that it is care of teachers in kindergarten and school.

Despite various opinions, experts claim that the brain of the person most of all absorbs information aged from the birth up to six years.

Early development does not consist only in training in reading and the letter. It assumes training of the child in those skills and knowledge which in the subsequent will become it necessary.

Today there is a large number of the children's centers for kids. Each of them works by certain techniques. Such enjoy the greatest popularity: Montessori and Doman's techniques, Valdorfsky pedagogics, games Nikitinykh and inclusion of Zaytsevo. Each of the offered techniques has the pluses and shortcomings. The combination of all receptions among themselves will become a great option. Then the positive effect of each method will only amplify.

Studios for small children assume group, individual classes or classes in the "mom + child" type. Knowing features of the of the baby, parents can solve what type of training will be most we accept for their child.

As a rule, at schools of early development the group classes divide kids into age groups: from the birth about half a year, from 5 to 10 months, from 10 months to 1.5 years, from 1 year to 3 years. An exception are Valdorfsky kindergartens. There kids are engaged from three to six years. Groups of children mixed.

Before making a choice for any given center of early development, it is necessary to remember that it has to be near the house. Otherwise the small child will be tired for the road. It is important to select so time of classes that the kid did not want to sleep and was not hungry. The most active children are in the morning. Therefore it is better to give classes during this period. For kids up to two years it is not necessary to exceed duration of classes 40 minutes. It is recommended to visit such institution to kids no more than two times a week. Parents have to watch that the teacher used various fizkultminutka, finger-type gymnastics.

Institutions for development of kids have a number of advantages. In such centers the developing material intended for children of certain age is used. Not all parents as it is expensive can get it. Studios of early development cultivate independence in the child, teach communication with age-mates. Kids overcome the first conflicts and quarrels, learn to think logically, develop memory, attention, creative abilities.

Despite a set of pluses of such institutions, they have also some shortcomings. As a rule, the developing institutions rather expensive. Not always such centers can be found near the house. The trip can become rather tiresome for the child. Because kids have weak immunity, they are exposed to frequent diseases, communicating with other children.

Parents have to remember that responsibility for development and education of kids completely lies on their shoulders. It is not enough to write down the child in the developing circle or studio. These classes are not capable to replace to the kid communication with dad and mom. For the small child the reading fairy tales by mom, a joint game with dad and walk with the grandmother, than classes in the developing centers which are not supported with parental attention can bring big benefit.

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