In as as modern children play

In as as modern children play

Game was always the integral children's occupation. Still just 10 years ago outdoor games in the fresh air occupied the most part of children's time. Modern children also remember existence of active games, but how often they play them?


1. First place in popularity is won by the games which are in various modern gadgets. In an age of new technologies every second child has either phone, or the tablet. Genres of games most of which of all are pleasant to children, great variety. Generally it is casual games, that is what it is possible to play occasionally. For example, here it is possible to carry such games as: "Candy", "Three in a row", "Tetris", "Make town". Games of this genre not just kill time, but also help children to develop the highest mental functions: memory, thinking, imagination, perception.

2. Among children the subject role-playing games concerning subjects of various movies, animated films, comics are popular. Among modern children such heroes as Harry Potter, the X-Men, the Spiderman, the Avatar and other hold authority. The suit of the favourite super hero can become an excellent gift to the child for birthday. The element of a fancy-dress show can introduce even more emotions in a game of children.

3. The separate niche of games on which modern teenagers are so strongly keen is made by games of genres MMORPG, MMORTS, MMOFPS. The most popular of them following: "World of Warcraft", "Runes of Magic", "7 Element", "Lineage", "World of Tanks", "EVE Online". These games are intended for a long time. Sometimes time of a game can drag on for days, weeks, months or even years. It should be noted that many school students can plunge entirely into the world online of games, avoiding at the same time real life. Considering it, it should be noted that this game activity of children should be controlled strictly.

4. Invariable means of entertainment are also game consoles. Here it is possible to carry the following: "Sony PlayStation", "Microsoft Xbox 360", "Nintendo Wii", Sega. These consoles provide to the child a possibility of reproduction of a set of games. For example, the most popular games for Sony PlayStation are the games "Gran Turismo", "Final Fantasy VII", "Gran Turismo 2", "Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back", "Tekken 3", "Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped", "Tomb Raider II", "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater", "Spyro the Dragon", "Driver 2", "MediEvil".

5. But still relevant outdoor games in the fresh air are quite old. Here it is possible to carry next games: Lavat, "Traffic light", "Forfeits", "The broken phone", "Broom", "Third wheel", "Cripple", "Family" and other.

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