In what a difference between intelligence and erudition

In what a difference between intelligence and erudition

The clever person in the ordinary speech can be called both "intellectual" and "erudite". It seems that erudition and intelligence – synonyms. Meanwhile, these concepts differ among themselves on sense.

The concept of intelligence is the closest to a concept of thinking. If thinking is a process of processing of information a brain, then intelligence – ability to such cogitative work. Speaking about I.Q. of any given person, mean development of his thinking. The concept of erudition characterizes the level and width of knowledge of the person, that set of information which it could acquire during the life.

If to compare human mentality to the computer, the erudition can be assimilated to the files containing information, and intelligence – the operating system. Presence of one not always assumes another. For example, the homeless child who does not have even basic knowledge from the school program can show fantastic mental abilities, inventing ways of theft.

That it is more important

The charm of erudition is so high that not always great scientists manage to avoid it even. The famous inventor Thomas Edison offered the people wishing to work for him, the special test made by him. To pass a test, it was necessary to have very broad erudition, it included questions from the field of geography ("Where the Volga River flows"), physics ("Who opened x-ray radiation"), stories ("Who such Leonid") and even literatures ("As Eneida begins). Coped with a task and got a job of only 35% of applicants. The person possessing so broad knowledge is called "walking library". Comparison is very well-aimed, in library of the book stand on the shelf and wait when somebody reads them. Up to this point everything that is written to them, remains "dead cargo". In the same situation there is information in memory of the erudite who is not differing in high intelligence.

Ratio of intelligence and erudition

To thinking that it could function, information which can be mastered and overworked therefore the intelligence "is always hungry" is necessary – always looks for new knowledge. Development of intelligence pulls for itself increase in level of erudition. The erudition based on passive "mechanical" storing of the facts can do also without the developed intelligence therefore it it does not stimulate development. Parents who seek "to put" as much as possible information in the child need to remember it. So far the child small, its "encyclopedic knowledge" will allow to brag to acquaintances, but further will not help neither with school training, nor with life. It is necessary to give to the child of knowledge, but replenishment of information baggage has to be followed by the games and classes aimed at the development of thinking. Will expand erudition of people with the developed intelligence and will deepen independently.

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