In what cases of the child it is worth luring

In what cases of the child it is worth luring

Sometimes the child becomes restless, constantly cries, seldom urinates, suffers from a lock or its kcal becomes green, mucous. Having noticed similar signs, immediately see a doctor. Usually the reason should be looked for in a lack of milk. In that case the child should be lured.

It is the best of all to lure kefir. If you begin to do it from first month, kefir should be diluted in a proportion: 1 part of kefir on 1 part of rice, oat or flour broth. Besides, on 100 grams of the diluted kefir add 1 spoon to sugar or 1 spoon of sugar syrup (the recipe of syrup is given at the end of article). In one or one and a half months this mix can be prepared more dense, adding only 1 part of broth on two parts of kefir.

Give kefir to the child after a breast. Begin with several spoons and gradually increase a portion, you will not reach yet quantity which will replace missing maternal milk on grammage. Begin Prikarmlivaniye surely with a spoon.

The kid has to exhaust the milk which is available in a breast up to the end. If it for some reason or other nevertheless remains, decant it and give from a spoon and only then start feeding by kefir. If you work, leave to the child the decanted milk. You store it in the clean cool place. Before giving it to the child, warm up.

Also you store broth with which you dilute kefir in the clean and cool place. Broth can be prepared since morning for the whole day, however dilution of kefir is made just before feeding. When the child is 4 months old, can give him kefir, undiluted, from 5 or 8% of sugar.

At the mixed feeding you can continue to feed the child in three hours. However, having increased amount of cow's milk in a diet or having separated the child from a breast, prolong time between feeding till 3.5 o'clock because cow's milk is digested more slowly. It is possible to feed the child at 6, 9.30, 13, 16.30, 20 and 23.30 hours.

When the child is 5 months old, reduce number of feedings to 5 in 4 hours — at 6, 10, 14, 18 and 22 hours. The child who was 4 months old can give 5% porridge from the roasted flour, vegetable puree and kissel as it becomes at natural feeding. After the 10th month you can pass to four times feeding, through an interval at 4 o'clock, and the child has to receive 250 grams of food in one step.

Order of introduction of new products the same, as at natural feeding, with that difference that they can be entered a month earlier. So, the yolk can be given to the child still before he is 5 months old, and the soaked cracker — after the sixth month. At the same time for lunch you can quietly give it 30-50 grams of broth and 150 grams of vegetable puree. Transition to a table d'hote begins after the 10th month.

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