In what day it is better to become pregnant

In what day it is better to become pregnant

During planning of the child it is desirable to imagine how the reproductive system of the woman that the nobility in what days the conception is most favorable, differently is high probability that it will be possible to become pregnant not right after the protection termination functions. Actually in each cycle there are only several days in which it is the simplest to become pregnant, and for each girl they are calculated individually, depending on duration and regularity of its cycle.


1. The menstrual cycle of the woman begins from the first day of monthly. After periods in its organism the new follicle – an ovum in a special cover which in several days is broken off grows and develops and releases the ovum ready to fertilization. This process is called an ovulation, conception is most favorable at this particular time. The ovum lives only two days and if after this term it did not meet a spermatozoon, then pregnancy in this cycle most likely will not occur any more.

2. Usually say that the ovulation occurs in the middle of a cycle. If duration of a cycle of the girl is 28 days, the ovulation, really, falls on 14-15 day, that is on the middle. But in other cases, at longer or short cycles the day of an ovulation moves a little: it is necessary to count 14 days from the moment of the following of estimated monthly. Thus, for the woman with a cycle 24 days it will be the tenth day of a cycle, and for the woman with a 35-day cycle – 21 days.

3. These calculations of an ovulation approximate, in practice at women sometimes happen shifts of cycles, the ovulation can come sooner or later, sometimes there are anovulyatorny cycles, sometimes in one month two ova ripen at once. To define an ovulation, use special tests which sell in pharmacies, or take basal temperature in the mornings – during an ovulation it rises up to 37 degrees and above.

4. As spermatozoa can live in the woman's organism about one week, it is optional to try to conceive the child in day of an ovulation. Doctors claim that if to make love every other day during the period from the tenth to the eighteenth day of a cycle (at duration of 28-30 days), then the probability to become pregnant is very high. If you have longer or short cycle, calculate about a day of an ovulation and begin active planning of the child in seven days up to this point.

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