In what dress newborns in the fall

In what dress newborns in the fall

According to doctors, the fall is ideal time for the child's birth. Pregnancy came to the end with a fertile fruit and vegetable season, the exhausting summer heat in the past, and severe frosts did not come yet. With the newborn it is possible to walk long in the fresh air, to know the main thing how it is correct to dress it.

As the clothes can do much harm to the kid

Many women consider what in the fall of children needs to be dressed as it is possible more warmly. This instinct originates since cave times when mothers really had to warm kids in any ways. Before "normal" clothes was not, and in caves it was cold therefore newborns were wrapped up in a large number of animal skins.

These times passed long ago, there is no sense any more to conform to the rule – to dress to the kid one thing bigger. You remember, the newborn has a metabolism much quicker than at the adult therefore when to you it is a little cool, to it it is warm. Overheating will lead only to problems with a respiratory system, a tummy and gentle infantile skin.

How to dress the newborn in the fall on weather

Divide autumn children's things into next-to-skin and outerwear. Carry jackets, envelopes, overalls and blankets to outerwear, to next-to-skin – little men, high overshoes, a romper suit, T-shirts, etc. In an early autumn when temperature on the street approximately 17-18os, you do not get outerwear. Will be just warm little man or a light suit with long panties and sleeves enough. When temperature begins to go down, it is possible to begin to be warmed gradually. There is no need, leaving the house, to pull one warm overalls on the child and to wrap up it with a woolen blanket. Pediatricians advise to use the principle of multiple layers, i.e. to put on several lighter clothes or to take several thin plaids. If on the street becomes warmer, it will be possible to remove one layer of clothes and vice versa if becomes more cool, you will be able to cover the child with an additional plaid.

How to define it is cold to the newborn or hot

Watch the kid. Perhaps, at you it will not turn out to dress from the first correctly him especially as weather in the fall rather changeable. If the child on the street was capricious, and houses you noticed that his skin red and warmed, take into consideration that the set of clothes was too warm, and the child overheated. Next time prepare easier things on such weather. Walking in the fresh air, periodically touch a nose of the baby, it, also, as well as his handles, has to be warm. If a nose cold, the newborn it is necessary to dress more warmly. One more sign that to the kid it is cold, the hiccups is. Watch reactions of the child while he is not able to speak yet, then both of you benefit from autumn walks only.

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