In what it is possible to freeze breast milk

In what it is possible to freeze breast milk

Most of mothers, despite employment, are breastfeeding supporters. And it is possible to make a necessary stock of breast milk for the period of absence by its freezing.

Packages for freezing of milk

Preparation of breast milk in packages is very convenient because in the freezer such package will occupy small space. Packages for freezing of breast milk are sterile, made of strong food material and equipped with the special zipper (many producers do it double or even threefold) allowing to avoid course irrespective of in what situation the product was stored.

On each package the scale for scoping of the milk which is contained in it is designated. Also there is a field for the indication of date of decantation that allows to trace a period of storage. Before initial autopsy of a package it is necessary to cut off the top part – a protective strip, then to open a zipper and to pour milk in a package.

Before closing a package it is necessary to remove from it excess air, having clamped empty space of a package between fingers. Then it is necessary to squeeze a fastener and to check a package for course. If everything is all right – it is possible to freeze breast milk in the camera. The principle of the device of packages for decantation and freezing of breast milk identical, irrespective of the producer. However some firms try to introduce something special in the product. For example, Medela Pump&Save packages are supplied with the special glued tape allowing to attach them directly to a milk pump that does gathering breast milk especially convenient. Packages for freezing of milk from the Japanese producer Pigeon have a special nose for convenient filling by breast milk, and after a defrosting milk can be poured out of the lower part of a package that provides full sterility of a product. The only lack of all packages is their single use.

Containers and small bottles for storage of breast milk

Specialists in breastfeeding and pediatricians claim that it is possible to store breast milk in usual food plastic containers and glass bottles. However some producers tried to make storage more convenient. For example, the famous producer of products for children and mothers of Avent developed a special set of containers of reusable use in which it is convenient to carry out storage of breast milk in the freezer. Containers with a capacity of 160 and 220 ml will easily be sterilized, and adapt for various kitchen needs not only after the breastfeeding termination, but even for different storage of the products which are not connected with the child's food in any way that, undoubtedly, is big advantage and justification to the set price.

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