In what time of day it is necessary to do the test for pregnancy

In what time of day it is necessary to do the test for pregnancy

Married couples which decided on addition in family always want to learn joyful news as soon as possible. But as much as possible to exclude mistake probability in test results on pregnancy, it is necessary to do it in the correct time of day.

How to use the test to a delay?

All household tests for pregnancy differ in the sensitivity – from 10 to 30 mME/ml. They measure the content in urine of a horionichesky gonadotrophin (HGCh) – hormone which is produced in the woman's organism during pregnancy, and every day of this period its contents increases. The number on packing is lower, the smaller content of hormone is necessary to record the pregnancy fact.

There is some probability that the test will show the correct result to a delay if fertilization happened at least 7-8 days ago. But this way is extremely unreliable because seldom who manages to calculate independently day of conception so it is better to wait at least for the first day of a delay. Nevertheless, if you want to try to learn the answer a bit earlier, then during the period till first day of estimated monthly it is necessary to acquire the test with the maximum level of sensitivity – 10 mME/ml.

But the basic rule to which it is necessary to adhere also to and several days after a delay – the test has to be carried out in the morning, right after awakening. The fact is that during the day we constantly drink water, diluting with that I wet. Thereby, concentration of HGCh in it promptly falls. Therefore house tests for pregnancy need to be done at once after night sleep.

How to carry out the test in the first days of a delay?

Much more simply the situation is if the first day of a delay already came. As a rule, by this time hormone of pregnancy reaches such concentration to record it the test with average and most widespread level of sensitivity – 25 mME/ml.

But the main rule remains to the same is the test it is necessary to carry out after a long dream and observing instructions on packing. The most exact answer can be received for 4-5 day of a delay as the horionichesky gonadotrophin is so concentrated by this time that serviceable tests of any sensitivity react to it. If the delay lasts the number of days unusual for you, and the test shows negative result – it is necessary to see a doctor and to take a blood test on HGCh.

What to do if there is no opportunity to make the test in the morning?

There are situations when there is a wish to learn the answer today, and an opportunity to make the test in the morning for some reason was not. In that case during the day it is necessary to drink less water minimum to dilute urine, and to choose the most sensitive jet tests. Since 4-5 in the afternoon delays the test can be carried out in the evening without any fears – most likely, it will show exact result.

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