In what to play with the baby

In what to play with the baby

The age from 4 months to one year is considered baby. During this period there is a rapid development of physiology and intellectual development of the child. About one year the kid learns to distinguish familiar faces, objects, to distinguish sounds, gains initial skills of hygiene. At this age the world around of the child is limited by close people. The child learns the world through communication with parents. One of development methods – a game.


1. In the first months of life of the child of a game with it come down to various tactile contacts during the hygienic procedures – to the child important feeling of proximity of the native person. But already at this age he is able to distinguish rhythmical melodic sounds of lullabies, nursery rhymes, humourous catchphrases. Acquaintance to the native language at this level develops feeling of language that can already be considered as the beginning of training in reading.

2. The traditional rattles at the age of 3-4 months suspended over a bed of the kid will show to the child existence of various forms and sounds. The first toys give naalny experience of formation of own outlook which is not connected with departure of natural needs and stimulate development of cogitative activity. Mom can organize a game with the kid, showing him rattles of various forms and showing differences in their sounding. At a little more advanced age when the child begins to sit, with the same rattles which became habitual to it, it is possible to start a new game. To tie a bright tape to a rattle, to remove a toy on sufficient distance that the child could not reach it the handle, but in a zone of access to arrange a tape. The child aged about half a year will be able to guess that should be pulled for a tape to bring closer to itself a toy.

3. The toy in front of the child can be hidden under a bright spherical subject – the kid has to guess that to get a toy, it has to push aside an obstacle. In the same game he learns properties of objects to invest each other, it is possible to set skills by means of special pyramids in the form of cups. Disappearance of objects and their sudden emergence is of interest to the child, and it will be even more interesting to watch disappearance and appearance of mom. Plain hide-and-seek when mom disappears from a visibility range of the child, and then with a cheerful smile appears, will give the first skills of independence. The kid for a moment remains one, and then happy appearance of mom shows what everything be all right that mom did not get to anywhere.

4. Tactile games with fingers of the kid are surely necessary. A classical game - "forty-beloboka, cooked a squash, fed children". Massing fingers, mom not only entertains the child, but also stimulates the nervous terminations, develops fine motor skills. All this promotes formation and an uovershenstvovaniye of the speech center of a brain.

5. It is natural that all entertainments have to be followed by communication with the kid. A game at this age is perceived by the child in a complex therefore humourous catchphrases and nursery rhymes will become a part of a game. Also for the child the presence at a game of the loved one, and his partnership important is not simple, the kid has to be convinced that a game is not less interesting to mom.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team