In what to play with the child in the summer (from 0 to 3 years)

In what to play with the child in the summer (from 0 to 3 years)

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Games and entertainments for children taking into account age features – their nobility important to each dad and mom. And what to play in the summer? We read below.

Neurologists and pediatricians in a voice repeat that with the kid it is necessary to walk not less than 5 hours a day. You can go outside in the morning and in the evening, can put the tot to bed in a cradle on the balcony (having respectively dressed it) and to come once for walk – the main thing that your kid breathed fresh air and became tempered to be healthy and happy. Outside the window fine weather – we arm with the ideas and forward!

0 – 3 months

Actively sense organs develop: touch, sight, hearing. The tot is not capable to coordinate the movements yet and to hold something in hands. Therefore now he will learn the world around through touches, sounds and colors. The interesting moment about sight of the newborn: eyes of the kid distinctly distinguish only bright, contrast colors: black-and-white, red-blue-yellow, etc.; it is better that there were 2-3 flowers (no more); toys of pastel tones hardly so far will interest the new family member.

The recommended toys: the rattles, toys pendants turning and playing pleasant (it is better classical) music the mobiles, books folding beds developing rugs with a horizontal bar and toys, a piano for legs, a rattle on a bracelet and so forth. It is better to show toys on one, you watch that they did not encumber space (did not overstrain the baby).

What to play? Children appreciate actor's abilities: grimace with the kid and over time he will try to imitate you. In 2-3 months it is possible to buy a helium ball, to tie to it and a hand of the kid a color ribbon: the child with pleasure will watch a ball, and also its movements at movements of the kid. But!!! Do not leave the kid with such toy in private, your sensitive control and supervision are extremely necessary for safety of the tot. Outdoors you can suggest the tot to observe the rustling branches of trees (instead of the mobile), show him leaflets and flowers, let's them touch, make massage or charging in the open air, show how water drips after a rain from a roof … It is important to kids to touch as much as possible various objects in texture (we develop touch): fabrics from chiffon and satin to velvety velor and rough gunny; various beads, buttons, volume appliques from other fabrics (the main thing that all elements were strongly fixed and the child did not manage to tear off and swallow details); together with the tot listen to singing of birds or murmur of a streamlet … And, the most important, since the birth do not forget to talk to the child as much as possible: comment on everything that you show it what you with it do, and it is necessary to call things at once costs the names and it is correct to pronounce words (the child himself will think up reductions and symbols of any given subject and action when it is ready to begin to speak, however the passive lexicon at it will be much richer and over time it is not necessary to be retrained with "we go bul-bul" on "we go to bathe").

4-6 months

To the 4th month of the child usually are able to turn over on barrels, to 5 – on a stomach, and to 6 – from a tummy on a back independently. Your task is to cause and stir interest in these movements at the kid: beckon it with bright toys, cubes, books … The main thing that having reached "bait", the kid could take it from you and play it (safely). During this period your child is an active researcher and the tester of everything that will occur to it in the path: to taste, touch, drop and look what will be … It begins to find a sound source, makes the first manipulations with toys. Your task: to watch safety of the kid (that he did not bite off and did not swallow what is not necessary, remove all small objects, plastic bags and so forth)

The recommended toys: the teethers, rattles rustling and the peeping toys animals developing rugs and soft books with textural fabrics, toys on velcros and many other things.

What to play? As houses, and on the street you can offer the tot the game "be enough!": bind on a ribbon any rattle, a small igrushechka or the interesting roller from fabric, then you suggest the kid to catch this igrushechka (playing as with a kitten) from different provisions (lying on a back, lying on a stomach, sitting at you on handles, etc.), the main condition – "production" is always given for a game to the child (let he will examine it, will feel, will lick, will bite … it is important aspect of knowledge of the world around and development). Conduct to the kid a tour at mom/dad on hands: show everything-everything around and tell that before you (a tree, the car, the house, sand and children; case, calendar, phone and so forth). If you leave on the nature, spread to the tot a plaid and allow to drive on it, show and let's feel blades, do exercises in the sun … Do not forget to comment on each and its action, conduct dialogue with the child (you ask a question – wait for the answer in the form of "festivities").

7-9 months

Most of kids already sit, actively creep and take the first steps. My daughter essentially refused to be as everything, went and she spread at the same time, practically in a year. Very much kids like at this age everything to be enough, beat and throw. Urgently hide especially valuable, fragile and small objects above. At the child the fine and gross motor skills actively develop.

The recommended toys: balls, soft toys, scores, toys with buttons, mobiles and pendants from small figures (it will be pleasant to remove and hang up them back to the kid obviously) and many other things.

What to play? It is time to develop logical thinking: show to the child what is "sorter" and as various geometrical figures get into openings, collect a pyramid or a matryoshka (only do not try "to examine" the kid so far – just show and comment, over time he will remember and will begin to do itself), continue to get acquainted with the nature, to watch on the street other children.

10-12 months

The main accent – on development of thinking of the child. If before a pyramid, matryoshkas and sorters did not make a due impression, it is time to remember them and to try to master anew. Offer the kid a toy wheelchair which will provoke him to the movement, and will also serve in addition as a support at the first independent walks. Ring tosses, huge pins with a ball, a basketball hoop and multi-colored balls – all sports "shells" are useful to your kid. Also at this age various musical instruments become popular with tots: drums, pipes, piano, glockenspiel, tambourine, maracases and so forth.

1-3 years

The child actively trains coordination of movements, the kid very quickly studies new and well remembers. It is time to be bought by a coloring with reusable stickers (now in shops it is full of offers), books with inserts, volume lacings, color geometrical figures, cubes, the first designers (for example, LEGO have a series of 1.5 years) and so forth. Touch grain and haricot both legs (it is possible to resemble, jump), and handles (to shift from a jar in a jar, to scatter in the parties, to sort, etc.). Teach the child to fill sand in a bucket a shovel, to do various figures of sand by means of molds, construct together a lodge of sand and branches, leaves for its favourite toy … Make the sun of a cardboard circle and clothespegs. Begin to draw finger-type paints and to mold from plasticine or the salty text.

Remember various children's rhymes

For example, the rhyme for a game with the machine:

No, in vain we solved

To give a ride to a cat in the car:

The cat did not get used to ride –

Overturned the truck. (A. Bartho)

Rhymes about actions will be very useful during this period:

Hare began to wash It is visible on a visit he gathered Washed up a mouth Washed up a nose Washed up an ear Here and chilly

Kids big guys Came to the platform, Kids big guys Do exercises! One-two, Three-four. Hands are higher! Legs are wider!

This finger the thickest, the strongest and big! This finger for this purpose to show it! This finger the longest there is also it in the middle! This anonymous finger, it spoiled most! And the little finger though is small, but is dexterous and daring!

Children's nursery rhymes with movements:

- Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, (We clap in palms) - Where were? - At the grandmother. (We clap in palms) - And what was eaten? - Squash. (We clap in palms) - And what was drunk? - Distiller's beer. (We clap in palms) Drank, ate, flew home, (We wave a hand, imitating birds) On a head the mudflows, pat-a-cake started singing! (We close the head hands)

Soroka-beloboka, cooked Porridge, fed Children. (We stir porridge in palms) gave It, gave it, gave It, gave it, (We touch fingers) And did not give it: You did not carry water, did not cut Firewood, Kashi did not cook (We point to a big finger) You there is nothing!

The bear clumsy walks through the woods, (We show as the bear goes) collects Cones, sings songs. (We bend behind the imagined cones) the cone directly to a bear bluntly (We knock ourselves on a forehead) Suddenly fell Mishka became angry, and a leg – a top (We stamp a leg). ""More I on the wood will not walk, (We wave a finger ""no"") I will Be better in a den with pleasure to sleep!"" (We put palms and we put under the head, imitating a dream)

- firewood to cut Ivana-bolshaku. Vaske-ukazke - to carry water. To a bear-average - to heat the oven. Grishke-sirotke - to cook porridge. And Timoshke's crumb - to sing songs, Songs to sing and dance, to amuse Brothers.

Hammer I knock. (We knock cams the friend about the friend) I want to build the House. (We put palms in a roof) I Build the high house. (We raise hands with a roof up) I Will live in the house that. (We clap)

For development of hearing it is worth offering the child whistles and pipes. The rattle will already hardly interest your child, and here sharper and loud sounds will be precisely awarded attention.

Your child already rather big, and you gradually have to begin to acquaint him with rules. Play a framework inserts, dominoes, a lotto … That the child had an opportunity to learn to observe sequence, to monitor actions of others and to concentrate attention.

For parents of boys and little girls who love machines not so long ago very cool t-shirt appeared: tired dad can sleep on a floor and at the same time play with the kid ;)

Bathing in the bathroom or floating in the lake, your child will be glad to play with water: prepare various tanks for transfusions, floating toys and ingrushka which can be got (see article ""How to bathe the child in the bathroom: cheerfully and with benefit"")

During walk suggest the child, and also neighbour's children and their parents to play the fairy tale "Tower" or "Wolf and Seven Kozlyak". Improvise and play the fairy tale on roles together with the kids. At the beginning you can teach the tot in the right place of the narration to add a sound (Someone lives in a teremochka? You are a mouse-norushka? – (in reply kid) Pi-p-p. You are frog-poskakushka? - (in reply the kid) Kva-kva-kva …) Closer by 2.5-3 years it is possible to suggest to begin gradually most to tell and show to the kid together with you sketches from fairy tales. Play with the child in "mistakes," dance to active music, sing songs, continue to watch the nature and other children. Ask the child every time going outside: what color today the sky that he sees new in comparison with last time, etc. Draw chalk on asphalt, collect ""a collection of summer and spring trophies"", compare pebbles, consider bugs, you watch ants, you catch the soap bubbles which are carried away by wind... Remember what you liked to play in the childhood, ask the parents about your favourite games and offer them to the child.

Enjoy time spent together with the vamy kid, children so quickly grow!

Warm to you walks!!!

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