Inattentive child: whether it is worth worrying

Inattentive child: whether it is worth worrying

Parents often become angry because their child is inattentive. Came from school, undressed and forgot to fold clothes accurately. Did not take keys. Was late for a training. Did not wash up a plate. And the speech goes not about children's laziness here, and about what the child was going to make, but for some reason forgot.

The problem of carelessness is generally inherent in children of preschool and younger school age. They as if have head in the clouds, think of everything at once, and something as a result is constant are not in time. Parents are anxious because of it, address experts, read thematic literature. Think of how it is possible to overcome carelessness of the child. It seems to them that for children it is not normal to be such forgetful, age problems with memory at them were not created yet.

However there is nothing bad in children's carelessness if it has, of course, no pathological character. The absent-mindedness – it usual property of any child is younger than ten years. And the child is younger, the he is more absent-minded. Because at children of this age the attention focuses only on what is interesting and unusual to them. Children can focus on boring objects for a while. Therefore it is quite clear how the child could forget about keys, a plate or clothes. Something more interesting at that moment drew its attention, and the child directed there.

Structures of memory of children of preschool and younger school age are not created completely too yet therefore the child can sometimes surprise people around, reproducing details of any event to the smallest details, and sometimes hardly remembers that they gave for breakfast at school. Everything is simple – the event was interesting to it, blew his mind, here memory also depicted him so distinctly. And here the breakfast is not important at all, especially if during a breakfast someone from schoolmates told an interesting story.

It is senseless to abuse for it children because they are not guilty of such cases. They would also like not to do so, but cannot. Such is the nature, with it it is useless to argue.

It is not necessary to treat it too because in process of growing the ability of the child to concentrate attention on uninteresting things will grow and not to distract. Also memory will develop. Almost full it will become at teenage age. Therefore it is necessary to wait only a little. For now it is possible to laugh at these lovely oversights which the child makes not purposely together.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team