Influence of a horoscope on games with children

Influence of a horoscope on games with children

To trust astrologers or not is the right of each person. Nevertheless for mothers we will provide several data on games which will be interesting to certain zodiac sign among little sonnies and daughters.

Small fishes

Fishes at mature age dreamers what already to speak about children. Little small fishes want to turn the whole world into the fairy tale and magic. For such children the games giving the maximum space for break of imagination are necessary. Let it will be puppet theater, a game browser on rescue of the princess from paws of the old villain, the designer for construction of knightly fortress. At many children, representatives of zodiac fishes, makings of ear for music and a rhythm are had. During the game turn on the light and pleasant music, it will stimulate development of musical abilities of the tot.

Young arieses

Fire – the elements full of energy and determination. Mummies of many little arieses often complain of hyperactivity of the kid. That it does not matter, the main thing to put children's energy on the right track. Such child needs outdoor games with a ball, playing badminton, driving on the scooter and the bicycle. For the developing classes select material with the brightest drawings and the attracting design. Thus, it will attract bigger interest of the child, and, therefore, there will be a probability to develop in it assiduity.


Little representatives of the sign of Tauruses love games where it is possible to concentrate, at the same time often the kid very quickly switches attention from one subject to another. On walk with the child always take sand set, a favourite bear, a doll or the machine. Mame always needs to have near at hand the fascinating book to distract the baby if he got bored.

Little twins

Since early years at these children the frequent change of mood is observed. They are attracted by creativity and competitive games. Such children will be occupied by toys on development of logic, drawing and modeling, active games for superiority. From books it is better to give preference to those which form a broad outlook of the child, for example, of the encyclopedia.

Kids crayfish

Mothers do not need to be surprised if its small cancer prefers games alone. Nevertheless to try to develop sociability in the kid it is necessary. It is possible to tell with confidence if the kid in a sandbox or on walk gets acquainted with the child of the same character – the problem of loneliness will be solved. These children often invent the magic world or the imagined friend. Such children will be entertained by water procedures together with favourite toys and also magic stories about overseas princesses and kings.

Little young lions

For these children it is vital a praise always and everywhere. To mothers council: it is necessary to know when to stop nevertheless not to overpraise the child. This kid will suit sports, especially those from where it is possible to come out the winner. Driving the bicycle, a board, the scooter will also please the vigorous fidget. It is better to choose adventure stories from books.

Maiden's babies

Often it is quiet children therefore prefer the same games. Games outdoors with the earth and a sand will become the excellent decision for such children. Little maidens can play with the designer for hours and hours, exactly, as well as to make something. Such children since small years it is possible to teach to help parents about the house.

Kids scales

Kids to scales will suit games of sharpness and creative classes. A sketchbook, paints or felt-tip pens and also musical instruments – what is necessary that the kid was happy.


As well as other representatives of elements of water, small skorpionchik adore water games and entertainments. In the summer  the small pool where the baby will lap much will approach. In the bathroom of the kid, toys with trigger sprayers and falls will entertain. And just in kitchen near a sink your child will cheerfully play unbreakable ware.

Crumbs Sagittariuses

These children need the games combining two criteria: huge energy and natural creation. Little Sagittariuses adore walks, travel on the nature. For this purpose mom always has to have near at hand a bicycle, the machine, rollers.

Child capricorn

Since early years the independence in these children is shown. Such child will suit toys and games in the gardener, the builder-repairman, the creator of lodges and objects from the designer. Any details for creativity and needlework will find application for a little capricorn.


For children of Aquariuses in games, the main thing, is interest. The most unusual novelties of designers, puzzles, board games developing toys, fantastic stories – here the short list of to occupy this kid.

Of course, from all above-mentioned, it is worth to remember that all children are individual and the little man is interested in everything.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team