Internet: limits of danger to the teenager

Internet: limits of danger to the teenager

Uniqueness of the Internet not only that it is an available source of any information. The Internet is a method of fight against boredom, means from loneliness. Besides, the Internet satisfies needs of people for knowledge and ensuring skills of interpersonal relationship. What interestingly and emotionally – carries away at any age.

The appeal of the Internet is so various and many-sided that there is a real danger of hit in psychological dependence on boundless pastime in network. This problem is characteristic, in particular, of teenagers. When independently, without the aid of strangers, there is no opportunity to cope with this problem.

There are factors which can influence inadequate perception of the obtained information. The teenager under the influence of senseless desire "to be in network" does not create anything useful and acts only to himself to the detriment, losing the account of time. It is possible to call such factors psychological traps, their emergence depends on many reasons. 

First of all those people who in the society surrounding them have deficiency of communication get to state of dependence. As a result they seek for communication in network. It is possible to find there many people who will be capable to listen. There is an illusion that the person is not lonely. It is in that case easy to be developed from the real world to the world virtual, in it it is possible and to prove.

Each person wishes to seem good and interesting. It becomes quite possible at virtual acquaintance. There is no need to work on creation of reliable and trusting relationship, it is possible to show easily only positive thoughts, showing only the best sides. Besides, there is always an opportunity to find another – the new interlocutor therefore there is no fear of loss of the virtual relations. There is a closed space filled only with the artificial and empty relations.

Very often teenagers in network try on roles of people of other age, other floor. This opportunity is to live cheerful, mysterious and emotional life – it is interesting and capable to develop the personal parties of the teenager. But, on the other hand, the child risks that he "will play", having lost specific features of the personality. 

Other problem is that at network communication the people are inclined to think out an image of the interlocutor. Being taken prisoner illusions of the thought-up image, the real meeting with this person can lead to disappointment. As the result, discrepancy of reality forces not to transfer the virtual relations to real life. The teenager intentionally chooses for himself the world – the Internet world, going to this fantasy world and erasing borders with the real world.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team