Intertrigo at the child: measures of prevention and treatment

Intertrigo at the child: measures of prevention and treatment

Intertrigo at small children – quite frequent phenomenon. Skin of the baby very gentle therefore greenhouse effect which is created under the influence of moisture and heat, causes irritation. It is easy to diagnose an intertrigo. They are characterized by skin reddenings, painful feelings and an itch.

The wrong care for skin of the kid is the main reason for emergence of an intertrigo: too long stay in the crowded diaper, irregular podmyvaniye, etc. It is possible to allocate 3 stages of an intertrigo. In the beginning skin finds a reddish shade which does not disturb the kid in any way. Then reddening becomes brighter, microcracks appear. In the most started cases of a crack begin to become wet, pus can appear. The kid feels burning and the naggers.

Prevention of an intertrigo

Change the child's diaper in process of his filling. Before putting on clean, wash away the kid flowing water. Use soap only when it is difficult to wash pollution. Its too frequent application can overdry children's skin.

During daily bathings wipe all folds on the child's skin. One-two times a week can be added to water grass broths (camomiles, turns, calendulas). Before bathing arrange to the baby air bathtubs within 10-15 minutes, giving it the chance to have a rest from a diaper.

In order to avoid allergic reactions wash the child's things special children's powder. In the first months of life of the kid dress it in clothes from cotton with seams outside. It is possible to apply children's cosmetics to prevention of an intertrigo: lotion and a milk for a body, cream under a diaper and powder.

Treatment of an intertrigo

The easy stage of an intertrigo does not demand any treatment. At this stage rather in due time to change diapers and a diaper, to air the child's skin and also to monitor the situation. At an average stage grease the struck places with the creams or ointments containing panthenol and lanolin, for example, Bepanten, "D-panthenol", Drapolen, Purelan. These medicines are allowed for care for newborn children. It is not recommended to use powder as it gathers in lumps which irritate the injured skin even more. It is also best of all to put baby oil aside, it creates a film on skin, without allowing it to breathe. At emergence of an intertrigo daily add to water for bathing broths of such herbs as a yarrow, a calendula, a camomile or a sage. Good action also oak bark possesses. In hard cases when an intertrigo becomes wet or is followed by release of pus, the doctor is engaged in treatment. It consists in use of bactericidal medicines. Independent prescribing of such drugs can do harm to health of the kid.

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