Introduction of a feeding up to the kid

Introduction of a feeding up to the kid

At the age of 6 months in food of the child there are changes. For the normal growth and development vitamins, proteins and mineral substances are required for it. Breast milk or mixes cannot provide an organism of the kid with these components in enough any more. It is time to enter a feeding up. It is necessary to enter a feeding up with care. Health of the kid and his flavoring preferences in the future depends on the correct acquaintance to new food.

Slowness and the sequence – the key to success

Not very long ago early introduction of a feeding up practiced. Now terms were displaced in later party, and the age of 6 months is considered optimum. There is an opinion that the feeding up needs to be begun with the advent of the first tooth. But sometimes teeth at children are cut late enough, is closer by a year. In that case it is inexpedient to be guided on this sign.

It is necessary to include new food in a diet of the kid gradually and carefully. The second morning feeding will be the most optimum for introduction of a feeding up. For the first acquaintance to new food of rather absolutely small amount, about a half of a teaspoon. The kid tried, but, naturally, did not gorge on. Therefore he needs to be finished feeding a breast or habitual mix. During the day it is necessary to observe the child. At appearance of rash or violation of digestion it is necessary to suspend.

From the beginning of introduction of a feeding up at the kid color will change and the smell of a chair can also appear a smell from a mouth. It is normal reaction of an organism to a new type of food.

If there is no negative reaction, then the quantity of a feeding up daily increases by 1‒2 teaspoons. When the volume of a portion reaches 150‒200 g, it is possible not to finish feeding the kid. Within 1‒2 weeks one of feedings is replaced with a feeding up. It occurs when the kid well apprehended unusual food. If he does not agree to try a new product, it is impossible to insist. It is necessary to return to this invention in several days.

What to begin with and how to diversify a diet

The first feeding up can be begun with single-component vegetable puree. Though in this respect there are no concrete recommendations. Some pediatricians advise first of all to enter porridges, especially if the kid insufficiently well gains weight. Vegetables should be chosen white or green color. Squash, a cauliflower, broccoli will approach. Porridges are cooked on water, and only closer by a year they can be cooked on milk. Will be suitable for the first porridge:

  • buckwheat;
  • rice;
  • corn grits.

Gradually the diet of the child extends. In 8 months he can use cottage cheese, fruit; in 9 months – vegetable soup; then meat and soups on meat broth is added. At first food is given in the wiped state. With the advent of teeth it is enough to mash of it a fork. When the kid learns to chew, it is possible to offer the food cut on small pieces. Up to 1.5‒2 years it is necessary to leave the last feeding unchanged. Before going to bed the child has to receive a mother's breast or a habitual small bottle with dairy mix.

Buy special ware for feeding of the kid, and at meal time give it in hands a personal spoon. So quicker and more fascinatingly there will be an accustoming to a new image of food.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team