Introduction of fish to the child's diet

Introduction of fish to the child's diet

Fish - one of the most useful products necessary for the normal growth and development of a children's organism. She surely has to be present at the child's diet, but it is necessary to enter her gradually, observing precautionary measures.

Usually by 10 months the kid eats not only a mother's milk. At its diet there are already vegetables, fruit and porridges. Perhaps, as meat mash. This age is considered most favorable for acquaintance to fish dishes.

The protein which is contained in fish and meat is necessary for successful construction of new cages of promptly growing organism. Yes, this protein contains also in mushrooms, nuts and bean, but still early to give these products to the kid therefore there are a meat and fish. And fish is acquired better as amino acids which are not produced in a human body are its part.

Fish - the most valuable source of phosphorus, fluorine, iron, magnesium and potassium. She contains huge amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids which improve activity of a brain. In fish there are no refractory fats which the children's organism cannot digest yet.

Subtleties of maintaining fish in the child's diet

It is desirable to enter fish after 9 months. It is desirable to begin with sea fish as she less allergen and contains in her more necessary minerals. The cod, a flounder, a haddock, a hake will become the good choice. Among river fish it is worth choosing that in which the trout, a pike perch, a silver carp there are less bones, for example.

Ideally it is desirable to prepare independently fish directly before feeding. Especially as preparation of fish takes not enough time. In the absence of such opportunity use children's fish canned food which is on sale in combination with pasta, grain or vegetables and contain no more than 20% of a garnish. Upon purchase of can products it is necessary to pay attention to extent of crushing of puree: is small crushed (for kids of 9 months), largely crushed (for children of 11-12 months) and prepared by small pieces (for children after a year). But the fish prepared by the hands will always be in a priority. It is possible to steam her or to cook.

To begin to enter fish into a diet 1/2 teaspoons are necessary from a portion. Increasing at first up to 1 teaspoon, and gradually up to 100 g. It is desirable to begin the use of fish from 2 times a week. Gradually diversify dishes, let the child eat fish in different types - soup, meatballs, casseroles. It is useful not only for health, but also for food education.

Fish has only one shortcoming – she is allergen. If your child has a tendency to an allergy, then it is necessary to enter fish dishes with bigger care, to begin with 1 time a week and to watch closely reaction of an organism.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team