Issues of education of grandchildren by grandmothers

Issues of education of grandchildren by grandmothers

Sometimes it is difficult to find a common language with grandmothers in issues of education of own child. How to learn to smooth things over and place priorities it is correct in issues of parallel education.

There is nothing bad in that the grandmother took part in education of own grandchildren. Remember yourself, and how you liked to spend time with the grandmother and the grandfather to how many they could teach you how many care and heat they presented to you.

The complexity is that grandmothers at heart extremists for whom incontestable canons are the principles "are is necessary much", "pairs of bones does not ache", "harmfully to wet ears when bathing", "socks and hats – sacred business" and many other things. Drafts bring them to a faint, and hardening to madness. Then once beloved son-in-law, and the dear daughter-in-law – armless kulemy becomes the deadly enemy.

In general, it is possible to prevent accident. And all responsibility for it falls just on the senior generation to a large extent, but not children. Dear grandmothers, understand that your experience, in your opinion, is boundless, but after all not the hand-written truth. Both good old traditions, and prejudices cannot be the main driving force in your purpose to help to bring up. And also remember how many times you unconditionally agreed with the mom and whether so it was unconditional and easy. Therefore for peacekeeping and rest in family try:

- never to make any crucial decisions which concern your grandchildren it is the prerogative of their parents;

- allow youth to be responsible for everything that they do;

- to responsibly carry out everything "not" - instructions: not to buy, not to dress, not to feed and so on until you about it are asked;

- do not reproach with the help – do it with all the heart and with pleasure in the free time.

And in general, be tolerant to each other and though sometimes, try to put yourself to the place of the daughter-in-law or the daughter and to understand it before drawing sudden conclusions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team