It is far better to go with the child in free time

It is far better to go with the child in free time

When dad and mom spend much time with the child - win both parties. Parents know the growing-up child better, and the kid feels their care and develops quicker. It is the best of all to devote free time to country walks, acquaintance to the world around, visit of the museums and exhibitions. The action will be more interesting and more substantial, the more benefit will be brought by it to the child.

Most of children are incredibly active. Planning actions for the weekend, parents have to remember it. The activity of kids should be encouraged - it is important for their development and an energy output.

If weather allows, it is possible to organize a trip to the country. Children will frolic on a scope and to study the world around. It is possible to take birds feeders and animals and to place in the forest or the park. On a nature bosom the children can run, frolic, to ski also the sleigh, and in summertime - to conquer low hills or to pick mushrooms and berries. The remarkable idea - to plan bicycle walk to the country. It will be a sporting event and entertainment.

The joint visit of the aquapark (opened or covered) will bring benefit to health, will develop dexterity of the kid and will become a joyful event in life of parents and the child. In free time it is possible to go together to the pool. If the child is not able to swim yet, the experienced instructor will help it to master this skill. To make visit of the pool a good family tradition - an important step on the way of hardening and strengthening of health of the kid. The good idea - to spend free time in a zoo. Acquaintance to representatives of fauna is interesting and it is useful for children. They can infinitely watch life of animals and study their habits. After visit of a zoo it is possible to suggest children to draw the pleasant animals or to think up about them the story. A great way to spend free time is to bring together younger generation in workshops of artists or potters. Children I will be able to get acquainted with creative professions and to see how works of art are born. Having come back home, it is possible to try to create masterpieces from clay or an art cloth together with the child. Excursions to production - the remarkable idea of carrying out leisure. It is necessary to find firm which is engaged in the organization of similar actions in the city. Visit of similar places very informatively will also help the child with choice of profession in the future.

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