It's no use to cry over spilled milk, or how to cope with troubles

It's no use to cry over spilled milk, or how to cope with troubles

Some people cannot long resist to troubles. They have one answer – tears. Instead of coping with the problems, they cry, test deep depressions, at best causing pity of people around.

Help yourself

First of all it is necessary to try to help itself independently. From the fact that you lie, having buried in a pillow, the problem will not be solved, and the situation can be aggravated. Estimate the troubles philosophically: what happened, happened. If there is an opportunity, it is necessary to correct, and if not, then and you should not grieve, nothing will change. Problems crowd first of all in our head, clean brains from unnecessary litter. Be not obsessed with the same.

During this period refuse listening of sad melodies and viewing melodramas. You are not for days on end in apartment one – the loneliness forces melancholy. Walk in the fresh air, meet friends, entertain yourself. Bad mood, and together with it and feeling sick will recede. When you are aired, you will be visited not by one, and several ideas of the solution of problems.

Do not refuse to yourself hot cocoa or chocolate – these delicious drinks lift a tone, you will feel how it became better for you with the first drinks. And here it is better to refuse alcohol, from it only it becomes worse.

Consult to relatives

Accept the help of the closest people. Their participation is valuable. Perhaps, they will prompt how to find a way out of current situation, will encourage. The thought that you not some in the troubles, and if necessary on your protection will get up at least two-three persons, has to give you force and self-confidence. You remember, your family – the most expensive that you have.

Help of experts

In our country the appeal to the qualified help of the psychologist – not the so frequent phenomenon. Think, just such case can now. The professional will find out the reason of your troubles and will help to find the most painless solution of problems. Besides, he, perhaps, will see need of other sort of the help, namely: the stress, for example, needs treatment already at the psychotherapist. Treatment at the psychotherapist is very effective. Tell on consultation to it everything frankly: frequent tears, nervous breakdowns, powerlessness, sincere experiences, physical discomfort. The doctor will pick up to you individual the program of treatment, and in a month it will become much better for you. Do not neglect any kinds of the help. Rather you will get rid of sincere alarms and experiences, the quicker will dump from yourself this cargo. Let nothing prevent you to enjoy life fully. Be not afraid of troubles, is not present such with which you would not cope.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team