Itch at children: how to get rid

Itch at children: how to get rid

Itch at children belongs to infectious diseases of integuments. The disease is caused by scabby pincers which can be located both on the surface of skin, and in it.

It should be noted that only females of pincers do harm and lead to emergence of unpleasant symptoms as males after fertilization perish practically at once. The laid eggs develop within 2-3 weeks, and the average duration of existence is about 2 months. Larvae and adult individuals do not maintain high temperatures and influence of steam therefore during the boiling and an ironing the iron instantly perish. There is the whole list of means which also perniciously influence activity of parasites: carbolic acid, some types of essential oils, sulphurous anhydride, kreoline, xylol, etc.

The hidden or incubation period of itch is from 1 to 6 weeks, depending on the area of defeat and quantity of pincers on skin. After that the injured person feels a severe itch (especially at night), various rashes on skin develop, bloody crusts are formed, the scabby courses are traced. Combing and damage of one site of skin involuntarily increase the area of defeat by spread of an infection.

As a rule, itch at children affects the side surfaces of fingers of hands, brushes, an elbow joint, ankles, feet. At absolutely small children the head, a face, a neck can be affected. In principle, rashes can be localized practically on any part of a body of the kid. Because of frequent irritation of skin at children of chest age (potniyets, diathesis) the initial stage of itch is distinguished not at once that complicates further process of treatment. That itch at children stopped being an importunate problem and did not sadden life of the child and his parents any more, it is necessary to begin treatment in due time. As a rule, it assumes use of antiscabby medicines of local appointment and observance of hygienic requirements. Also effective use 10%noy benzyl benzoate emulsions. On 200 ml of benzyl benzoate 780 ml of boiled water and 20 g of green soap (for children to dilute in half with water) are required. The period of storage of suspension makes no more than a week in the dark place. Before application it is necessary to shake up and rub carefully in the child's skin within 10 minutes. Use as treatment and ointment which part tar or sulfur is. Means is also rubbed in integuments of the child (it is desirable for the night), next day it is necessary to wash up a body with soap. Demyanov's method assumes hyposulphite solution use (30-40%) and solution of hydrochloric acid (3-4%). At first it is necessary to rub hyposulphite, and in 10 minutes to use hydrochloric acid. But gentle children's skin does not demand strong vtiraniye which can lead to emergence of irritation. If there are a severe itch and burning from medicine, then its application it is necessary to stop and recover skin zinc ointment and the all-strengthening therapy. It should be noted that treatment there have to undergo all family members who were in direct contact with the child as itch at children is very infectious and can prove a bit later. It is also expedient to boil or expose to frost all personal belongings, toys, clothes. That there was no allergic reaction from various medicines, experts appoint previously antihistaminic and giposensibilizirubshchy means. Doctors recommend to put on at treatment of the baby to it mittens that it had no opportunity to extend an infection on all area of the body. Also at the same time the used medicines will not get to the kid into eyes or a mouth. Expediently in addition to the main treatment to enter dietary supplements by means of which immune protection of an organism of the child becomes stronger. Besides, it is necessary to follow strictly rules of personal hygiene and not to hesitate to see at the first suspicions of this unpleasant disease a doctor.

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