Jollyjumpers for the child: pros and cons

Jollyjumpers for the child: pros and cons

Jollyjumpers – the invention of the last years allowing the kid is safe to learn to go. Created for the aid to parents, jollyjumpers, undoubtedly, are convenient, however are not so safe as it seems at first sight.


1. What is represented by jollyjumpers? This peculiar seat on springs in which the child is rather strictly fixed. It can be fixed in a doorway or on a special design. The child suspended in jollyjumpers jumps up in them, making a start legs from a floor. There are different views on usefulness of this, at first sight, convenient and cheerful adaptation. Jollyjumpers have the pluses and the minuses therefore the should not hurry to buy something to the baby, attentively without having analyzed all pros and cons.

2. The first plus. Use of jollyjumpers significantly facilitates life to parents. The kid is already rather adult, he is able to creep and actively studies the world around which is full unpleasant, and sometimes and dangerous surprises. And having put the child in jollyjumpers, mom can continue to do the household chores: the child in sight, he and besides is engaged in safety with cheerful jumps.

3. The second plus. Jumping up in jollyjumpers, the kid develops and trains muscles of legs, thus being going to take the first steps. Besides, at jumps in jollyjumpers the kid trains the vestibular mechanism.

4. The first minus. Producers often specify that jollyjumpers can use, since four months of life of the child. However the kid still insufficiently well keeps a back in this age, muscles got stronger not enough therefore stay in jollyjumpers can badly affect the back of the child which is not adapted so far for such loading. Anyway, you should not put the kid in jollyjumpers earlier, than since seven months.

5. The second minus. Many children suffer from the raised tone of muscles of legs. And when bouncing in jollyjumpers the child makes a start from a floor, becoming on socks. Thus, the tone will only amplify that will lead to negative consequences, and the child will start walking not earlier, and, on the contrary, after the put term.

6. The third minus. At such age it is contraindicated to kid to rise on legs, muscles of legs and a bone got stronger for this purpose not enough. As a result, rising on legs in jollyjumpers, the child risks to receive deformation of legs which are only formed at this time.

7. The fourth minus. Jollyjumpers are not so safe at all as it seems. Having been fond of jumps, the child can hit against a jamb or tear off fastenings. Cases of falling and bruises as a result of break of jollyjumpers, unfortunately, are not so rare.

8. And, at last, last minus, the fifth. The child is not created to jump, he learns to rise, creep and go. Such stage as jumping, its development does not provide. Therefore, forcing it to jump, parents break a course of nature, interfere with development of the child. The delay of both physical, and intellectual development of the kid is as a result possible.

9. Thus, minuses much more, than it is plus. Therefore, buying by the kid jollyjumpers, you remember: it is possible to use them not earlier than seven-months age, you should not leave in them the child unguarded, and, at last, you should not abuse them. Enough ten-minute bouncings as a game and for the sake of good your mood of the baby.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team