Jollyjumpers: pros and cons (Komarovsky)

Jollyjumpers: pros and cons (Komarovsky)

Among the mass of the modern toys designed to entertain the child jollyjumpers favourably differ. Cost not much, take places a little and at the same time always cause genuine delight in children. However the children's pediatrician Evgeny Komarovsky treats jollyjumpers not so unambiguously.

Jollyjumpers in the house deliver many happy minutes both to the kid, and mom. The child actively makes a start legs from a floor and cheerfully laughs, pleasing with that the parents. However the famous children's doctor Evgeny Komarovsky does not share general enthusiasm concerning jollyjumpers. In what harm and advantage of such mini-attraction for the child?

What is jollyjumpers?

The device is a floor or suspended design in which the kid can jump or be shaken as it will only want to it.

To establish in the house jollyjumpers absolutely simply. The floor design just costs on a floor on a special steady framework. The only minus of such jollyjumpers – bulkiness, for them is required a lot of place.

Jollyjumpers suspended are much more popular. They are cheaper, take not enough place and easily fasten. Such jollyjumpers establish in a doorway or cling on a hook which can be built in in a ceiling. Jollyjumpers consist of three parts – a seat, fastening, the springing element. Thanks to special springs and shock-absorbers children manage to make a start from a floor and to get a lot of positive emotions. Height of jumps can be regulated. At the same time jollyjumpers do not demand the involvement of parents: the child is reliably recorded in the device that allows mom to go about the own business for a while. 

When it is possible to use jollyjumpers?

Such exercise machine will not be suitable for newborn children who did not learn to hold a head yet. However, in 4 and 5 months to use jollyjumpers too early. Fixing the child vertically, the weak backbone can do much harm still. And here in half a year it is already quite possible to acquaint the kid with jollyjumpers, at this age many kids sit down and creep, so, the backbone is ready to the increased loadings.

There is a wrong opinion that girls master all skills quicker than boys, so, they can be put in jollyjumpers much earlier. But readiness of the little person for sitting, crawling and all other is not connected with a floor in any way. The specified age – - concerns six months both boys, and girls. And if in the half a year the kid is not able to sit independently yet, and doctors point to weak muscles of a back, it is not necessary to hurry with jumping in jollyjumpers. Give yours the baby time to grow up and get stronger physically.

Than jollyjumpers are useful?

Doctor Komarovsky claims that it is possible to use quietly jollyjumpers no more than thirty minutes a day. This that time for which the child, being on the children's attraction, will not manage to do harm to an organism. In addition there are also other useful qualities:

  • Jumping up and being shaken here and there, the kid strengthens a vestibular mechanism, and its movements become more accurate and coordinated.
  • In jumps the child learns to operate the body.
  • The exercise machine helps to strengthen undeveloped muscles of legs and a back.
  • During jumps the kid continues to develop, his hands are free and he can touch everything what will reach.
  • Being in vertical position, the child looks at the world from other foreshortening, so, develops and broadens the horizons.
  • Well and, of course, the child gets positive emotions alone from jumps and swings.

Free time – here the most important advantage of jollyjumpers according to Evgeny Komarovsky. Those 15-20 minutes which the child will spend in jollyjumpers can be used both for rest behind a cup of tea, and for household chores.

Harm of jollyjumpers

The most important danger doctor Komarovsky calls constant use of jollyjumpers for entertainment of the child. Subsequently it will negatively affect health of the kid, to be vertically in this age not physiologically. Much more benefit will be brought by the crawling directed to strengthening of muscles of a back.

Here some more arguments contra jollyjumpers:

  • During jumps the child should lean on both legs at once, and it on everyone in turn. Further such skill can do much harm in training in walking.
  • Sometimes jollyjumpers can strongly press on a crotch, and it is the direct road to violation of a muscular tone.
  • Besides, the longer the child is in jollyjumpers, the it is more at him chance to receive a backbone curvature.

Contraindications to use of jollyjumpers

In certain cases this children's exercise machine is strictly forbidden to use. Before buying jollyjumpers, it is the best of all to consult to the children's doctor. What can become a contraindication?

  • Violations in the area of orthopedics and neurology at once put an end to such entertainment.
  • It is impossible to put in jollyjumpers of the babies who are not able to hold the head.
  • Do not use jollyjumpers if skin of the kid is inflamed or injured not to aggravate a problem.
  • Rocking and jumps right after food will also become not the best of the ideas.

How it is correct to choose jollyjumpers?

If the pediatrician or the orthopedist allowed your child to be engaged in such exercise machine, it is possible to go to shop safely.

Choosing jollyjumpers, you proceed from dimensions of your dwelling. Expensive floor devices will be inappropriate in the malelnky apartment where they could not be placed. Floor jollyjumpers have additional equipment in the form of pendants, rattles and musical toys. However such jollyjumpers senseless purchase for the child will be more senior than nine months. If all of you chose a floor design, surely check as far as it is steady.

In suspended models check existence of all elements fixing the child. Besides, the back and a seat have to be regulated on height considering growth of the child. 

Safe use of jollyjumpers

Jollyjumpers both suspended, and floor surely will be to children in joy if you take care of measures of safe use.

Having bought jollyjumpers which fasten on walls, check in what state your walls. Whether they will be able to sustain additional loading? The optimal variant is to attach jollyjumpers to a ceiling, using a dowel or to place the children's exercise machine in a doorway. Having fixed the exercise machine, make sure of its safety of the exercise machine – press on a seat and shake it in different directions. If everything is all right, it is possible to be engaged in adjustment of belts. In a halfbent condition of a foot of your kid have to rest against a floor.

Establishing jollyjumpers, do not forget to check also integrity of all elements. First of all it concerns rubber shock-absorbers which should not have any scrapes.

At reuse do not forget to check reliability of fastening. If at least one of details of jollyjumpers failed, do not put the kid there. It is better to understand quickly a problem and to eliminate it, than to allow a trauma. Also you remember that the child in jollyjumpers always has to be under supervision. Do not leave his one, if the active kid strongly shakes jollyjumpers, then can hit against a door jamb.

Doctor Komarovsky reminds that when using jollyjumpers it is necessary to observe golden mean always. This rule concerns also other modern toy which carries away kids and therefore it is so popular among modern parents – walkers. Sometimes it is possible and it is necessary to release to mom of a hand, but you should not keep in these exercise machines of kids for hours, the most important is health of our children.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team