Kallanetika: pluses and minuses, exercises for pregnant women

Kallanetika: pluses and minuses, exercises for pregnant women

 The gymnastics of inconvenient poses as still call a kallanetika, attracts future mothers with the sparing static character, that is lack of the difficult and tiresome movements so problematic during pregnancy. But at the same time they are frightened by these most inconvenient poses which are based on quite strong tension of muscle bulk that too for future mothers it seems not really safe. About as far as and than the kallanetika is useful to pregnant women, and the speech in article will go.

What is a kallanetika

This type of gymnastics called in honor of her author — the American physician Kallan Pinkney, represents the complex of almost static gymnastic exercises based on an extension and reduction of the majority of muscles of a body.

The main feature of a kallanetika consists in its ability to involve during the muscle occupations which are not exposed to loading during the occupations other types of physical exercises including popular with women of aerobics and shaping.

Learn more about advantage and harm of a kallanetika.


The creator of a kallanetika was sure that occupations this gymnastics within an hour are equivalent to seven hours of ordinary gymnastics or even to daily trainings aerobics. At all argumentativeness of this statement, numerous advantages of this gymnastic system are obvious.

They consist in:

  • the minimal traumatic risk thanks to refusal of application of sharp movements and use of excessive burdenings;
  • one-stage tension of the maximum number of muscles;
  • stimulations of power exchange in an organism and increase in its temperature, leading to burning of excessive fat stocks;
  • the strengthening of back muscles and backbone allowing to get rid of spinal, cervical and lumbar pains with simultaneous acquisition of a correct posture;

Whether you know? The old sign according to which, than stronger future mother is tormented by heartburn with more magnificent head of hear will be born that the child, has scientific confirmation. The hormones relaxing a gullet and stimulating heartburn at the same time promote also growth of hair of the child.

  • absence at the end of the trainings of feeling of fatigue;
  • activization of metabolism and process of regeneration of fabrics and cages in an organism;
  • strengthening of a press that is very relevant for women;
  • absence of considerable short wind, sharp acceleration of heartbeat and plentiful release of sweat;
  • prevention of osteochondrosis;
  • lack of need for special equipment.


At all the obvious advantages, the kallanetika, however, is not deprived also some negative qualities which consist in:

  • difficulties for beginners to sustain fully the first occupations;
  • the requirement of existence of elementary physical training before starting occupations;
  • need for transition to full-fledged trainings to participate approximately in 30 preparatory occupations;
  • existence of some contraindications to occupations this type of gymnastics.

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Kallanetikaya should not be engaged in the presence at all:

  • bronchial asthma;
  • serious violations in action of the heart and blood vessels;
  • backbone diseases;
  • problems with organs of vision;
  • the residual phenomena after recently postponed infectious diseases;
  • hemorrhoids at which squats exercises are strictly forbidden;
  • the varicosity forbidding use of the exercises which are carrying out load of legs;
  • the postoperative period at which it is impossible to be engaged in this type of gymnastics within a year.

Principles of a kallanetika

This type of gymnastics is constructed on many exercises adopted from yoga. However, unlike it, it is focused not on symbiosis of the nature and the person from a pronounced spiritual component here, and on proportional and harmonious development of a human body.

Are for this purpose used:

  • static poses of a body which are fixed for 60–100 seconds during which strain and, thereby, become stronger many groups of muscles;
  • deep muscular layers which at other physical exercises stay in inaction get into gear;
  • superficial, but not deep breath;
  • the periods of short-term starvation for 2 hours prior to exercises and 3 — after them;
  • refusal of proteinaceous food of animal origin in 5 hours before occupations and during 5 — after their termination.

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What to begin occupations with

As it was already told, kallanetiky it is necessary to join occupations only in the presence of elementary physical training, for example, in the form of regular trainings by morning exercises. Her author recommends to begin to be engaged in the most kallanetiky from 3 times weekly within at least an hour allotted on each occupation.

In few weeks with positive results of trainings their number can be limited to two. Directly before any of trainings is required to make intensive warm-up.

Whether you know? The gymnastics belongs to the most ancient types of physical exercises which were cultivated in Ancient Egypt.

Easy exercises for pregnant women

To future mothers to whom both excessive physical activity, and excessive tension of muscle tissues are contraindicated, the special easy exercises, for example, promoting relaxation of cervical muscles are recommended.

For this purpose future mother should accept the most convenient for it a sedentary pose and, having covered eyes, to inhale with simultaneous turn of a neck sideways.

The exhalation is carried out together with lowering of the head down then the turn of the head in the opposite direction follows. There are some more exercises intended especially for pregnant women.

By Kegel's technique

To execute these simple exercises strengthening muscles in a vagina and a crotch that is very useful for the forthcoming childbirth it is necessary:

  1. To lay down on a back.
  2. To bend knees.
  3. Feet to arrange on a floor.
  4. Under the head to place the eminence.
  5. To give hands along a trunk.
  6. To strain muscle tissues in a vagina and in back pass.
  7. To keep this state within 10 seconds.
  8. Then, having relaxed muscles, to have a rest.
  9. Having repeated movements few times, to do several series of these exercises during the day.


For performance of this exercise follows:

  1. To be located in a sitting position on a floor surface, having crossed legs.
  2. To place brushes on shoulders.
  3. To raise a hand most highly, without removing its brush from a shoulder.
  4. Having returned this hand to a starting position, to lift another.
  5. To repeat this exercise several times for each hand.

Important! During performance of exercise it is not necessary to shake a trunk.

Raising of a basin

To execute this exercise recommended to future mothers on the fifth month of pregnancy it is necessary:

  1. To be located in lying situation on a floor surface.
  2. To bend legs.
  3. Doing an exhalation, a basin to raise up at the back pressed to a floor surface.
  4. During the subsequent breath to achieve the maximum relaxation of all muscles.
  5. To repeat all movements repeatedly, including it is possible and upright, having leaned against a wall.

Cat's back

For the purpose of performance of this exercise promoting reduction to the uterus pressure upon a backbone it is necessary:

  1. Having leaned on hands, to be located on a lap.
  2. To relax spinal muscles, trying not to bend strongly a backbone and holding on one line with it the head.
  3. Then, on the contrary, to bend a spine column, having hung the head.
  4. At the same time to keep muscles of a stomach and buttocks in suspense.
  5. Having gradually relaxed muscles, to have a rest.
  6. To execute this exercise 3 times, having repeated it then several times during the day.

Care measures at occupations

All these simple physical occupations set as the main goal to strengthen the muscular system of future woman in labor in any a measure without doing at the same time the slightest harm to the developing fruit.

Important! In process of development of the child in a womb his future mother should reduce gradually loadings during the occupations of kallanetiky.

That is why it is necessary to treat selection and performance of exercises with care what it is necessary for:

  • to have careful medical examination during which to be convinced of absence of any pathologies and danger of emergence of an abortion;
  • to avoid occupations this gymnastics after half a year of pregnancy;
  • during exercises not to allow sharp movements which can lead to any damages;
  • any tension should not be maintained before emergence of a shiver in muscles as it is usually recommended to all other people;
  • to carry out a breath only by means of a nose;
  • not to assume that during the occupations the breath became faltering.

This type of gymnastics created by the woman as it is impossible more by the way suits pregnant women. It saves from excessive physical activity in their situation, at the same time allowing future mothers to lift so necessary for them for future childbirth a muscular tone.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team