Kefalogematoma at the newborn on the head: reasons and treatment

Kefalogematoma at the newborn on the head: reasons and treatment

Different aberrations at babies frighten young mothers. So, one of pathologies which cause panic attacks in the woman is the kefalogematoma on the head of the kid. Such phenomenon meets at each 3-5 babies for 1000.

Kefalogematoma name a swelling on the newborn's head which in most cases reminds a tumor of rounded shape. Predsatvlyaet such new growth hemorrhage between connecting tissue of the head and bones of a skull. On color of a kefalogematom differs in nothing from other skin.

The kefalogematoma during childbirth is formed. When passing in patrimonial ways the head of the child tests quite serious overloads. Skin is displaced and there is a rupture of vessels. Sometimes appearance of a similar tumor is a consequence of use in labor of nippers or the vacuum device. The rupture of vessels is resulted by a blood congestion under skin, and this blood is not displaced. And many mummies can observe increase in a kefalogematoma in the first couple of days after the delivery. The blood volume which can gather in a tumor, - 5-150 ml.

The arrangement of a kefalogematoma is unpredictable. It can be both on parietal bones, and on a nape, a forehead, temples.

The reasons for which there is a kefalogematoma

Mechanical injury of the head in the course of childbirth because of discrepancy of the head and size of patrimonial ways is the main reason for appearance of a similar tumor. Among the indirect reasons which can result in such discrepancy vyelyat the whole list: - very big weight of a fruit; - not physiologic provision of a fruit at the time of delivery, for example, pelvic presentation; - various pre-natal malformations of the child; - perenoshennost; - too big age of the woman in labor; - precipitancy of childbirth, especially at primipara; - narrowness of a basin of mother or basin injuries arising earlier. In certain cases to the causes of a kefalogematoma on the head of the child call the neurologic problems which appeared owing to winding by an umbilical cord and development of a hypoxia in labor, a slime congestion in a mouth of the kid, etc. Young mother should be ready to the fact that if a kefalogematoma of the big size, there is a risk of decrease in hemoglobin in the newborn's blood owing to blood loss, rather big for it. If the tumor of the big size, blood can filter into the next fabrics, breaking up to hemoglobin particles. And it leads to jaundice. In some situations when process of resorption of blood is dragged out, deformations of a skull are shown. For kefalogematomy it is necessary to watch very carefully, if it long time is left without changes, there can be suppuration.

Treatment of a kefalogematoma

The doctor chooses a treatment technique, proceeding from appearance, the sizes and other characteristics of a hematoma. So, for example, if it small, special treatment is not required - she has to resolve at most in 2 months after the delivery. Sometimes doctors recommend additional intake of vitamin K which allows to improve blood clotting. Also with it the calcium gluconate strengthening walls of vessels can be registered in a complex. If the kefalogematoma of the impressive sizes or lingered on the child's head longer than put, can appoint opening of a tumor for removal of its contents. It is made by a special thin needle. After it intervention to the kid apply the special pressing bandage to the head.

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