Koksit at children: symptoms and treatment

Koksit at children: symptoms and treatment

Koksit causes inflammation of the vertluzhny hollow, a neck and a head of a hip in children. Treatment depends on a kind of a disease and is performed only in the conditions of a hospital. On the indication the surgery can be performed.

Koksit – inflammation of a coxofemoral joint. Children are subject to two forms of the koksit – sharp and tubercular. The main difficulties of treatment of a coxofemoral joint at children are connected with sharp course of a disease, presence of the expressed pain and other symptoms characteristic of adult patients, but shown in the strengthened look.

Symptoms and treatment of the tubercular koksit

Such disease is the most common form of the specific koksit. The main center of defeat is localized in kidneys, easy and other bodies. As a result mycobacteria of tuberculosis are carried on an organism together with blood and strike the vertluzhny hollow, a neck and a head of a hip. There is a destruction of a synovial cover and the articulate ends of bones. Dislocation with shift can result, and the cavity of a joint will begin to be filled with pus which will lead further to formation of fistulas and sinter abscesses.

At an initial stage of a disease the kid complains of leg pain: he starts walking, limping. Body temperature increases. Further physical activity is even more limited, and pain accrues. Muscles atrophy, and hypodermic cellulose of a hip begins to be condensed. In the absence of timely treatment of the koksit at children of pain disappear, and destructive manifestations remain. Dislocation of a hip of pathological type results. Treatment of a disease is performed in the conditions of a hospital with application of specific antitubercular chemotherapy and orthopedic actions. The all-strengthening therapy, accurately observed mode with use of a bandage for the long term (2–3 months) promote the speedy recovery.

Symptoms and treatment of the sharp koksit

Sharp purulent koksit is characterized by the sharp beginning and a prompt current. The main sign of this form of a disease is osteoporosis. Further the articulate crack is narrowed, there is a destruction of articulate surfaces of a head of a femur and other bones which form the vertluzhny hollow. Such nonspecific koksit can develop for several days. Less often process takes from several weeks to several months. The organism of the child reacts to intoxication temperature increase of a body and change of a blood count. Treatment is carried out only in a hospital. The priority in this case consists in reception of antibacterial means and sulfanamide medicines. If necessary the doctor can make the decision on a resection of a coxofemoral joint. After surgical intervention the immobilization is shown. The great value is attached to establishment of functionally advantageous position of an extremity.

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