Labor education of the child

Labor education of the child

Mothers love the children despite everything. Been tired to death, all of them equally forgive to the pranksters all their infinite pranks. But after all children have to be assistants therefore sooner or later, but not to avoid schooling of children to work. Business this hard, and at you will arise more than once desire to give up all attempts of labor education. Do not give in to temptation to make everything, give to the child time to get useful skills. Especially as in the house there will always be a simple work which can do to kids.


1. For example, to entrust to make a bed to the kid quite perhaps. Let first at him it will turn out not absolutely as it is necessary. The main thing here is a practice.

2. To display the things in a case it is also possible to charge the child. Show how correctly it needs to be done. It is possible to attach the stickers representing a thing which has to be there on each box. Gradually the baby will learn to keep order in the lockers.

3. The simplest task for the kid is to remove the toys. Turn this occupation into a game, and you will not face children's whims, and in the room of the kid there will always be an order.

4. Watering of flowers too quite can do to kids. Each child likes to potter with water, but consider that not only flowers, but also furniture, and a floor will be watered. Therefore for safety choose two-three flowers, put them on the place which is not afraid of water and you monitor work of the baby. As soon as he begins to cope with a task, trust watering of other plants in the apartment.

5. Care for small fishes and other small pets is not difficult too, besides, will impart to your child kindness and attentiveness to others requirements. If in the house there is a dog, then communication of the child with it depends on many factors. Its breed, character, etc.

6. The most favourite children's game is a laying and cleaning of a table. They are ready to be engaged in it infinitely. You watch safety of the child. Do not allow it to carry more than one device for once.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team