Little why-askers

Little why-askers

How often we, parents, in the vanity and haste running on cosmic speed past life it is simply banal we wave away from nurseries, always not in time, always fondly importunate "why", without noticing, as we will wound these our children, as we block their informative processes. And then sincerely we are surprised – why the child does not want to study at all, fatefully complaining that the younger generation in principle has no educational motivation.

And what, actually, share of our fault in the events? In fact in the period of these importunate "why" that informative activity of the child which so is not enough then during school training is formed. The child not only receives answers to questions, but also learns to concentrate the attention, to listen, understand, analyze. Here also it turns out that the very first teachers in his life are parents.

All know how they depends on the first teacher much. Whether she will manage to interest the child, to impart to him love for knowledge. Nobody argues that all subsequent training of the child at school also depends on this first step to the world of knowledge under its sensitive management. Its success and desire to study. So why we, parents, dare to wave away from naive "why" our child, without understanding that, in fact, we also are his very first teachers?

Moreover, we never think that this most "why" allow to improve our trusting relationship with the child. Every time, receiving the answer to the inquisitive questions, the baby understands that parents always have on it time. That everything, as for it – is important for parents. Thus, at the child the understanding of absolute acceptance by his parents is formed. He understands that parents love his any – small, silly, not always and understanding not everything, whimsical and not obedient. Such children will not be afraid to look silly, will not be afraid to be mistaken. Will not be afraid not to know something, will not be afraid to ask. So, will not be afraid to be themselves.

If the child does not receive the answer to the annoying questions, then it forms feeling that to parents not to it. That they have more important issues, and it, small and silly – to them is not interesting, and … is not necessary.

Here also it turns out that with small "why" "start in life" of our child begins. And what will be start – directly depends on us, parents.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team