Love for books since childhood

Love for books since childhood

One of the main problems of modern education - inability of school students to understand the meaning of texts. For this reason the children cannot solve simple problems of mathematics and physics, and compositions become for many something unimaginably difficult. It is possible to avoid these difficulties if in time to impart to children love for books.

Begin to accustom the child to reading from the earliest age even if it seems to you that he does not understand the meaning of what you read to it. Begin with children's books with bright beautiful pictures and short rhymes. Explain plots of pictures by the own words, read texts and you ask the child to show in the drawing a cow, a birdie, a bear, the girl, the sun, etc. Surely comment on actions of the kid lines from the poem which is published on the page.

The most convenient time for reading fairy tales when you put the kid to bed. Let the child will get used to the evening fairy tale in your execution – do not shift this duty to the TV with Khryusha and Stepasha. Begin with simple fairy tales and stories. Be not surprised if the kid falls in love with any fairy tale to self-forgetfulness and will ask to read it every evening. Do not try with boredom makes some changes to fantastic history – to children the belief in stability of the world around is very important. The plot of the fairy tale which the kid learned almost by heart just symbolizes this stability and confidence that justice will surely triumph. Therefore the child is so irritated if parents miss subject turns or add the.

After the child learned to read, do not stop evening readings children's books. Now stories will be longer and entertaining, and reading one book can last for several evenings. If you made sure that the child is keen on history and asks you to read a little more, answer: "I now at all have no time, but you can read itself that occurred further". Do not insist if you see that he is dissatisfied. Just next day read even less and again suggest the child to read independently. Surely discuss with children what they read: their opinion on a plot, on characters, kind of children arrived on the place of heroes … Thus you not only teach children to understand and analyze the text, not only will develop their oral speech, but also will approach them spiritually. The ability to talk frankly to the child very much is useful to you throughout all life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team