Low hemoglobin at the baby

Low hemoglobin at the baby

Very often find low indicators of hemoglobin in babies. In such cases the mothers need to take urgently measures because the delay is quite dangerous.

Low hemoglobin at the baby can be shown by various signs: primary and secondary. Treat primary signs: loss of appetite, constant weakness, increased fatigue, general unsatisfactory condition of the baby.

Further progressing of a disease can be expressed by the following secondary signs: pallor of integuments (in certain cases emergence of an icteric shade), causeless temperature increase to 37.5ºC, existence of dark circles under eyes, drowsiness, dizziness, frequent heartbeat and dryness of integuments.

Prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia

It is necessary to treat anemia at children of chest age surely as it leads to oxygen starvation of fabrics of all organism and oppresses work of nervous system, than creates lag prerequisites generally and intellectual development, at the same time worsens the general condition of the baby.

It is necessary to know that by means of balancing of a food allowance of mom and the child it is only possible to support hemoglobin level in blood and not to allow its reduction. According to the recommendations of the pediatrician it is necessary to enter into the child's diet an egg yolk, buckwheat, peaches, apples, apricots, dried apricots, pears and spinach.

 It is possible to raise hemoglobin indicators only by means of intake of special medications, such as: Aktiferrin, Tardiferron, "Ferrum lek", Gemofer. It is necessary to take the drugs only according to the instruction of the pediatrician, previously attentively having studied the instruction for application.

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