Main errors of education of children

Main errors of education of children

Parents raise the children differently. Someone takes councils of grandmothers, grandfathers or more "skilled" parents as a basis, someone is based on literature, and there are also such parents who just raise the children, based on a parental instinct. There is a number of mistakes in education of children who parents should not make.


1. It is impossible to blackmail the child with the love. You do not say that you will not love him because all of you will not be able equally to execute it. Further your child will not take you seriously any more.

2. It is impossible to remain indifferent to problems and the child's acts. He waits for any criticism from parents.

3. It is impossible to forbid the child something only because someone from parents so wants. It is necessary to explain the reason for which it is impossible to carry out what he conceived. Let it will give to him a reason to think.

4. It is impossible to indulge the child. Setting the child on a right track, it is not necessary to remove all stones, let he will see them and will step through difficulties independently. It is necessary just to be near to support.

5. It is impossible to overestimate abilities of the child or to charge him with a burden, excessive for it. The child will plunge into the adult world, having forgotten about the children's problems.

6. It is impossible to treat the child on mood. Problems of parents should not affect children. It is impossible to forbid something or to allow, proceeding from mood.

7. It is impossible to refer to the fact that there is no time to take care of children all the time. The child needs communication with the parents. Even one fairy tale for the night can be quite enough that he felt that care for it, it is loved.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team