Make-up for wedding in the flying

Make-up for wedding in the flying

- the most popular season for weddings. The bright sun, green trees and the blue sky create especially festive atmosphere. In the flying it is also not necessary to be afraid that the main participants of event and their guests will freeze as all summer clothes easy and air.

But if the dress of the bride can be chosen as short and thin - corresponding to weather, then make-up at brides, as a rule, very difficult. It brings trouble and cares as in hot weather cosmetics can be smeared and begin to flow. And in general it is not really comfortable to carry dense make-up in the flying. Actually to make beautiful make-up for solemnly day perhaps not only by means of the expert, but also independently. It is only necessary to follow number of councils and to be prepared a little in advance.

The face of the bride surely has to shine with happiness, but not greasy luster. Just before the beginning of wedding make-up the skin should be moisturized cream. If face skin of the bride differs in special fat content, then you should not use the moisturizing cream (but you should not forget about it at dry type of skin), it is possible to replace it with lotion, most plentifully having applied it on areas under eyes.

Also the matting means which is put under basis will help to cope with greasy luster. If in general skin is healthy and looks good, instead of basis it is possible to use such miracle of cosmetic achievements as the proofreader. When choosing basis if it nevertheless is necessary, it is necessary to put it with thin layer by means of special sponge or brush. The basis should not be fat. Any basis is recommended to be processed from above powder.

It is especially difficult to eye shadow to use during summer heat, considering also the long period which the make-up will be on the face of the bride. That shadows kept with firmness, fixer which is applied on area from the basis of eyelashes to eyebrows is necessary. If eyelid skin fat, before putting fixer it is necessary to degrease it the matting means. The largest probability to begin to flow or be smeared is inherent in creamy shadows. In this case it is recommended to use usual.

If necessary to use eye shadow, it is the best of all to make choice on liquid eyeliner, but not on pencil. The following element of make-up of eyes - ink. It is extremely important that it was waterproof.

The most important element of wedding image - make-up of lips. His experts recommend to begin with the moisturizing balm. Then completely lips need to be painted over pencil for lips. Lipstick is applied in two layers. After the first it is recommended to blot lips with napkin, to apply on them thin film of powder and to repeat lipstick. For end of make-up it is possible to use also fixer for lipstick.

Councils for training of the person are recommended to be carried out a month before day of celebration:

  • use face scrub;
  • you should not use fat creams;
  • for lips the honey mask will become useful;

As it is clear from the aforesaid, wedding make-up for summer wedding and preparation for it take not enough time and demands efforts. But in general councils are not difficult and quite feasible, and in comparison with other parts of wedding preparation, they will seem pleasant trifle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team