Male fidelity: myth or reality?

Male fidelity: myth or reality?

The fidelity was appreciated at all times, but for some reason secretly admitted that this quality, first of all, is inherent in the woman. In the speech – a well of national philosophy - the difference in the attitude towards female and male illegibility in communications is very accurately traced.

If the woman who is not loyal to the husband or the beloved is called expressions which it is accepted to call "unprintable", then to the man behaving also the rumor is much more loyal. He is called with some irony, but nevertheless it is indulgent: "walker", "idler". One of the most negative statements, "dog" - though carries the scornful condemning shade, nevertheless will not be compared to epithets with which award the incorrect lady.

There is an opinion that the man is allegedly not capable to be loyal owing to the men's nature. But whether so it?

Myth 1. Men of a poligamna, women are monogamous

There is an opinion that the man by the nature poligamen, i.e. is capable to come into sexual contacts with different partners, unlike the woman whose fidelity is defined by the nature.

Actually it not absolutely so. Men and women – beings of one look therefore you should not speak about so striking difference in their "nature". Monogamous beings are physically not capable to form new couple after death or loss of the partner, and this general rule.

Treason is not made only by a flat worm, Diplozoon paradoxum (a spaynik paradoxical). Partners meet at early age, and their bodies merge in a uniform organism cross-wise.

Only separate cases of similar constancy meet at people. So, the person, it is not dependent on his floor, poligamen. But the woman has really more reasons to be loyal to the partner, however, they lie more in the social plane. The woman gives birth to children and is interested in that her partner cared for children together with her. And there will be it more likely if he is sure that it is his descendants, i.e. it is favorable to woman to remain faithful. If, for example, the woman is infertile or sure of a contraception method which it uses, economically and is socially independent, it has all prerequisites to polygamous behavior on an equal basis with the man.

Myth 2. Physiologically the man is not capable to abstention

One more popular belief: the man owing to the physiological reasons is not capable to be loyal if he in accordance with the circumstances long has no physical contact with darling. It is right only partly too. The reality such is, at long abstention at men is observed a so-called phenomenon of Tarkhanov when semen collects, demanding an exit, and the inclination of the man amplifies repeatedly. But if the sexual discharge does not occur long time, then other mechanism comes into effect, (Belov's phenomenon) at which the activity of male gonads decreases, and sexual desires do not disturb the man any more. When normal sexual life is restored, the tone of testicles returns to normal again.

Tarkhanov and Belov's phenomena counterbalance each other, allowing to regulate sexual functions of the man.

Thus, the man, as well as the woman, is quite capable to be loyal to the one whom he loves. Of course, if he really values the relations and does not allow instincts to get the best of will and reason.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team