Milk and nonmilk porridge: what to choose

Milk and nonmilk porridge: what to choose

Kashi is a useful and safe feeding up, it is possible to begin to feed with them the child from six - seven-months age. Children's porridges exist in two options: dairy and nonmilk. The choice of type of porridge depends on specific features of your child.


1. If you nurse the child only, the feeding up needs to be entered not earlier than six months. If the child on the artificial or mixed feeding, it is possible to give it a feeding up earlier: approximately since four months, especially at a weight shortage. Consider that you should not give the usual packaged milk to the child about one year, and in certain cases it is worth waiting up to three years as the intolerance of cow protein quite often meets at children.

2. Pediatricians recommend to use as a feeding up of a squash of industrial production as they are better processed and underwent sterilization. Practically all "factory" porridges contain various vitamins and mineral salts, at the same time do not contain preservatives, stabilizers and dyes. Thanks to ready porridges it is possible to add a diet of the kid with trudnorazvarivayemy grain in house conditions, such as corn, barley or rye.

3. To begin to enter a feeding up better from nonmilk porridges. For their preparation you will need only water, it is possible to use the boiled or special nursery which can be bought in specialized shops. The hydrolyzate of milk protein or isolate of soy is a part of nonmilk porridges. These are safe substitutes of a dairy basis.

4. Unfortunately, if your child is inclined to an allergy, it is better to choose for him nonmilk porridges with a hydrolyzate of milk protein as the sensitivity to protein of milk quite often is followed also by an allergy to soy protein. Porridges on the basis of soy proteins well suit children who have problems with digestion of lactose.

5. In milk porridges as a basis whole powdered milk most often acts, in this case its components remain in original state. In certain cases powdered skim milk can be used, in such porridges milk fat is replaced vegetable to provide kids with enough polyunsaturated fatty acids. It is the best of all to give milk porridges in the absence of contraindications to the child after a year, approximately from this age at children problems with digestion of protein of cow's milk disappear.

6. Pay attention that it is the best of all to begin a feeding up with bezglyutenovy porridges, that is rice, corn and buckwheat as small children can have allergic reactions to gluten, that is vegetable protein which contains in some cereals. Unfortunately, glyutenosoderzhashchy porridges can cause development of some serious diseases in absolutely small children. Bezglyutenovy porridges are marked by the image of the crossed-out cone on packing.

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