Mistakes of parents of the first grader

Mistakes of parents of the first grader

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At first it is very difficult to kid to adapt to school. He changes a daily routine, the mode, big load of a backbone appears, from it the assiduity is required. He worries and worries how he will take the place among other pupils. Whether also does not dismiss it an idea friends or enemies will appear at it. Therefore from parents in this question the maximum support and love is required.

But it happens so that mom and dad do not realize all importance of this stage and make the mass of inexcusable mistakes

What mistakes parents make:

Negative attitude to school

One of the most important mistakes is the negative spirit to school and a vozlaganiye of great expectations on progress of the school student. First of all the child should be interested. Material is better acquired when it is interesting to the school student. Parents in turn, can read to the kid of the book, tell about school, share good impressions about it.

Reading books forms inquisitiveness, assiduity, develops imagination, broadens horizons. Besides, thanks to the paid attention the kid feels necessary to family, he understands that it is loved and care for it.

Severity for any mistakes connected with school

If something is impossible to the child, then parents should not abuse him as it can negatively affect his relation to study. The child has to know that the family will support him in any situation.

Also parents have to not just find time for the child, but also help it with doing homework. It is connected with the fact that so far the child is not ready to independent work and it is difficult to it to do everything correctly.

Use of draft copies

Practice is extremely widespread, to write homework at first to the draft copy and only then to the clean copy. It is a mistake. It is connected with what meanwhile the child is not able to write long yet, his hand is not trained and quickly is tired. And thus he receives double loading. Thereof the kid loses interest in performance of lessons and can oppose and be capricious.

Besides, when the child comes from school to parents you should not put at once him for doing homework as rest is necessary for the kid. Let it will take a walk, will play or will find time for a daytime sleep.

Parents should not neglect the attention, let the child feel it. Mom and dad have to be interested in affairs of the kid, his friends, estimates, problems. Then the child will be more open for communication and further it will save family from many problems.

And if parents assist even in performance of lessons, then process of training for the school student will turn into interesting entertainment. 

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