Modern methods of preparation of an organism for childbirth

Modern methods of preparation of an organism for childbirth

During pregnancy the woman has enough time to prepare the organism for the child's birth. The most modern ways of preparation of an organism for the forthcoming childbirth can facilitate the course of the process considerably.

In 1-2 weeks prior to childbirth in an organism of the woman there are changes which testify to a possibility of the beginning of patrimonial activity. First of all this condition of genitals: the neck of the uterus becomes ""mature"", and the uterus is ready to fights and attempts. The maturity of a neck of the uterus is defined during survey of the woman by the gynecologist. Throughout pregnancy fabric of this body ""ripens"" - its consistence gradually changes, it is shortened and becomes friable. Such high-quality changes promote light passability of a fruit through a neck.

When a neck of the uterus still ""unripe"", it is impossible to stimulate patrimonial activity. In such condition of a uterus the insufficient sokratitelny activity can lead to a fruit hypoxia.

Readiness of a uterus is checked by oksitotsinovy test which defines reactivity of uterine muscles. If reductions begin after 3 minutes after input intravenously (1 mg of solution every other minute), means natural childbirth will begin soon.

Important factor of the beginning of patrimonial activity is also hormonal balance in the woman's organism which decides on the help of a cytologic research of dab.

Modern techniques of preparation of an organism to rodam1. Yoga. By means of yoga it is much easier for woman to adapt to the changes happening in her organism over pregnancy. These exercises help not only to strengthen muscles well. During the quiet slow classes the woman learns to reach the maximum relaxation. And breathing exercises can be useful during patrimonial process.

Not all exercises of a system of the yogi are useful to pregnant women therefore it is impossible to practice yoga independently. If there is desire to get ready for childbirth by this technique, then it is necessary to sign up for special courses for pregnant women.

2. Trainings in the pool. Classes physical exercises in the pool promote the maximum relaxation of an organism. Thanks to the fact that in water the weight of own body is not felt exercises are carried out smoothly and easily. 3. Sofrologiya. The method is based on auto-suggestion and relaxation by means of the respiratory equipment. Everyday classes 20 minutes promote strengthening of muscles and joints. This modern technique helps the woman to control the emotional state during childbirth. 4. Gaptonomiya. This modern technique promotes establishment of sensual and emotional contact between mom, dad and the child till the birth. When parents talk to the kid, gently stroking a stomach, he begins to react pushes. Such communication with the child will help to facilitate a stressful state during childbirth both for mom, and for the child.5. Psikhofoniya. This communication of mom with the kid at a pomoshchipeniye. The child listens to a mother's voice and answers with movements. For the woman the singing is additional breathing exercise in preparation for childbirth.6. Music therapy. Hearing of quiet pleasant music helps to relax emotionally. And at the same time this technique promotes self-checking strengthening. By preparation for childbirth it is possible to use several modern methods, but it is impossible to forget to consult with the doctor.

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