Modern techniques of early development of children

Modern techniques of early development of children

Each child since the birth has huge intellectual potential. Leading experts in a neuropsychology consider that the earlier to begin training of the child, the assimilation of new information at school, the university and in general life will be better for it to be given. According to most of psychologists and teachers, children at the age of 3-4 years study easier, than 7-year-old on what various techniques of early development of children are based.

Are not born gifted, become them

According to many modern teachers, most of children will better use the potential given them by the nature if to begin training during growth of a human brain, that is in the early childhood. For this purpose many famous teachers developed own, unique techniques for early development of children. Under many of these techniques the serious scientific base is failed, and they are successfully put into practice in various countries. At the same time each of techniques has both supporters, and opponents and is exposed to criticism. The parents thinking of early development of the child need to choose the technique suitable them. At the same time it is important to remember that to each child the individual approach is necessary. Perhaps, it will be most effective for your child to use some most successful receptions from each technique.

Short review of the most popular techniques of early development of children

1. Glen Doman's technique is based on development of visual and physical abilities of the kid since the birth. For this purpose Doman suggests to use the system of physical exercises and outdoor games. Stimulation of activity of a brain is reached by demonstration to children of cards with words and images. Kids with whom are engaged by Doman's technique acquire material better and in many respects overtake not only peers, but also more senior children in development.

Glen Doman considers that the most effective age for training – up to 7 years while there is a growth of a brain.

2. Maria Montessori's technique one of the most widespread. In it much attention is paid to development of fine motor skills of kids. At the same time it is based on the individual interests and abilities of the child. During the free classes the child chooses itself, than he will be engaged, and the task of the teacher is to help it to cope with a task. Also this technique considers the periods of development of the child from the birth up to 6 years when he more easily and naturally studies certain things. The main task of adults, according to Maria Montessori, is to teach the child to concentrate attention at work, interesting to them.

Montessori's technique is not only early intellectual development, but also development of labor skills and education of respect for others.

3. Nikolay Zaytsev's technique is known for various didactic materials, in particular a set of cubes for training in reading. Zaytsev's grants are based on natural need of any child to play therefore training in this technique assumes relaxedness of a situation, passion and enthusiasm of the kid for a game. Thus, children learn to read, sort words on separate syllables, to consider, to make offers and to write.

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