Mood of the child according to his drawing

Mood of the child according to his drawing

Very often, looking at the child, we try to understand what occurs in his head what he thinks of that he disturbs him. There is a lot of ways to understand and read his mood, but it would be desirable to suggest you to understand the child by means of his drawings. Every time when the child picks up a pencil and draws, it pours out to the sheet of paper the fears, experiences, shocks and imaginations. What he felt, kind of behaved in relation to people around, he will put everything in the drawing. To solve mood and a condition of the child thoroughly – business of psychologists, but to see and analyze some details also you can.

The chosen colors, the drawn objects, lines, strokes and contours of objects can tell a lot of things.

If you want to understand feelings of the child in relation to family, unostentatiously suggest it to draw family. Track whom he drew with the first whom – the last about whom he forgot in general. Pay attention to remoteness of the drawn family members from each other, their arrangement.

The child not only will beautifully represent the most favourite and authoritative family member, but also and will embellish some thing. Besides the most authoritative for him the family member will be represented, most likely, by the biggest.

If the child draws himself between parents, he is happy with the attitude of parents towards himself and if he represents somewhere aside or will not draw at all – there is some problem of which it is worth thinking. The child idol and the child egoist will represent themselves is larger than the others.

The child can allocate some parts of a body. For example, if at mother the mouth is allocated, she means bothered the child with the morals and notations. If too long hands (pay on it special attention) are drawn, so excessive aggression to the child reigns in family.

Sometimes, that the child consciously does not draw someone from family members and gives to it a logical explanation. For example, the child does not draw or forgets to draw the brother because he is jealous. Also he can not draw someone from family members because that just there is no house or in the room. If the child drew someone from family in dark color, he means is negative to this person extremely.

Pay special attention for the colors chosen by the kid. Concerned children usually draw in dark colors, and children with good mood – gentle and bright. In particular, black and brown colors tell about depression, violet and yellow – about tranquility and steadiness, cold color – about the conflict in family, red color – about aggression and excitability, pink and blue – about cheerfulness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team