Names for the girls born in May

Names for the girls born in May

The children born in May differ in straightforwardness, openness, diligence, persistence and tendency to go into extremes. By means of correctly picked up name it is possible to affect these qualities in your child.


1. May mostly is under the influence of the Taurus. This zodiac sign remarkably is suitable for boys who grow up courageous, stubborn and rectilinear, but the same qualities not always prove from the best side in girls, complicating their embedding in society.

2. May children have huge will to the power, are often excessively exacting and purposeful. They usually with ease subordinate surrounding people, well remember offenses and insults and do not like to forgive them at all that often leads to the serious conflicts and disagreements in family. Very often parents do not manage to become the true authorities for such children that causes serious problems during the teenage period. Therefore it is very important to soften and smooth sharp traits of character of May girls as much as possible.

3. From such children successful careerists turn out, they achieve goals by any methods, for the sake of career they are ready to offer everything — hobbies, free time in certain cases even friends. May girls become wonderful leaders who perfectly operate collectives of any sizes.

4. It is difficult to such girls to start a family as love for comfort, the persistence and pragmatism can significantly complicate the choice of suitable partners. Fortunately, it is very difficult to enrage the people who were born in May. As a rule, from the women who were born in May wonderful, careful mothers who seriously are engaged in education of the children turn out.

5. Choosing a name for the girl who was born in May pay attention to those options which will be able to soften her ambiguous and difficult character. Strong, strong-willed names with powerful power will only aggravate all difficulties and roughnesses of May nature.

6. Choose names from the following list: Maria, Anastasia, Nina, Irina, Evfrosinya, Valeria, Marfa, Muse, Moor, Faina. All of them have the softening qualities, smooth acute angles, add femininity and softness that so often is not enough for May girls. Whenever possible it is worth using diminutive-hypocoristic versions of these names to enhance their smoothing effect.

7. You should not call the girl who was born at the end of spring, Anna, Ekaterina, Elena, Olga or Stanislava. These names will suit more soft July children as add to the owners structure and rigidity which and there is so a lot of at May girls.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team