Natural methods of stimulation of patrimonial activity

Natural methods of stimulation of patrimonial activity

Stimulation of childbirth – the artificial or natural procedures and methods accelerating activization of patrimonial activity. Events for stimulation are held in the presence at future mom of serious diseases, an otsloyka of a placenta, the big weight of a fruit, a premature otkhozhdeniye of the amniotic waters and other factors which are not allowing the woman to give rise independently.

Ways of natural stimulation of patrimonial activity are applied in cases of a perenashivaniye and to preparation for childbirth of a neck of the uterus. To approximate start date of childbirth the neck of the uterus is considerably shortened that causes in pregnant pain around a waist and frequent urinations, Natural stimulation helps to relieve pains and to accelerate process if on the date of childbirth appointed by the doctor did not occur. All natural ways of patrimonial stimulation are absolutely safe, both for the child, and for his mom. Stimulation of nipples

One of the main ways of natural stimulation of childbirth is massage of nipples. It is considered that when massaging and tingling nipples in an organism of the pregnant woman hormone oxytocin which causes labor pains begins to be produced more actively. Nipples should be stimulated several times a day 10-15 minutes. When using this method of a fight have to begin within three days after the beginning of stimulation.

Castor oil Castor oil, first of all, is known as natural depletive, this its property is the main thing at stimulation of patrimonial activity. Influencing intestines, oil at the same time stimulates a uterus, accelerating patrimonial processes. For mitigation of specific taste of oil it is possible to add to it fruit juice or syrup. In half of cases of use of this method, 100-150 grams of the drunk castor oil cause natural fights right after its use.

The modern traditional medicine does not recommend to use the castor oil capable to cause diarrhea and to lead to organism dehydration.

Walks Walking by a fast pace it is desirable in the fresh air also promotes natural stimulation of patrimonial activity. When future mom makes active walks, the child's head under the influence of gravity begins to press stronger on a neck of the uterus that stimulates more active development of oxytocin. As a rule, practically all pregnant women make regular walks before childbirth therefore effectiveness of this way to define quite difficult. But any future mom because they promote adoption of the "correct" provision of a fruit before childbirth should not refuse active walks.

Oxytocin – the hormone of a hypothalamus of the oligopeptidny building having the stimulating effect on smooth muscles of a uterus.

Homeopathy This way can also be carried to natural methods of stimulation of patrimonial activity, but when using this method it is necessary to consult the specialist homeopathist after all. The fixed homeopathic remedies enhancing activity of patrimonial activity are kaulofillum and a pulsatilla which are considered as absolutely safe for health. Results of polls of many already given rise women say that homeopathic medicines helped them to solve various problems arising during pregnancy. Besides treat natural methods of stimulation: sex with an obligatory rough orgasm at the pregnant woman, reception of a small dose of alcohol, consumption of tinctures of some officinal herbs, inflation of balloons, acupuncture.

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