New Year's cards: how to make them together with children

New Year's cards: how to make them together with children

The most expensive gifts – made with own hands, and something with own hand made is especially pleasant to receive by the child. For children it not only an opportunity to make is pleasant to someone, but also a lot of pleasure from the process of production.

It is required to you

  • - dense paper;
  • - cotton wool;
  • - semolina;
  • - glue;
  • - felt-tip pens and paints.


1. Children often ask for the help in production of cards parents and if you want to make a card for parents, then to grandmothers, grandfathers or sisters. Show the interest in this case, and it is necessary to participate in it unostentatiously so that the child felt that he made this card.

2. 2 sheets of dense paper or cardboard, scissors, paints or pencils, glue and semolina can be necessary for a New Year's card. Put one sheet of paper in half, it also will be a card basis. The second leaf also should be put in half, and on its bend cut out a small square, only from three parties, the fourth side and a bend does not need to be cut off. On it then it is possible to paste something.

3. After you develop a leaf, a peculiar podstavochka (it to turn out, if a small square to twist outside) has to turn out, on it it is possible to paste, for example, a fir-tree. Then stick together the first and second sheets so that when opening the podstavochka "left". On outer side of a card it is possible to draw a winter landscape, Father Frost, the Snow Maiden – there is a lot of options, depending on your joint imagination.

4. Inside the card can also be ornamented on the taste, main thing - leave the place that it was possible to write congratulations. Semolina can be useful for the image of snow on a card. It is necessary to smear paper with glue, from above to fill grain, and then to turn a leaf. A part of grain will remain pasted to paper. Thus, it is possible to decorate the drawn fir-trees, a snowman or Father Frost's cap. Use vatu for applique, for example, at the image of a snowman or a hare.

5. Options of New Year's cards there can be a set, use all possible devices - crepe paper, felt-tip pens, stickers. The main thing that the child performed the majority of operations. And it is still very important that the card was signed by the child, it is so pleasant to read such congratulations!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team