Observation as psychological method

Observation as psychological method

In psychology there is a set of tools for studying the personality: tests, polls, questionnaires, conversations and even experiments. But the simplest, effective and available observation is.

The first impression

Often people draw conclusions on the basis of the personal observations: whether it be relations, work or unfamiliar person. How does psychological observation affect our everyday life?

The effect of the first impression is formed at acquaintance and seriously influences further assessment not only persons, but also acts of the person. The brain instantly analyzes the obtained information: clothes, a voice, physical appeal, a manner to behave and to talk – everything matters.

The first impression can play a dirty trick with the observer. In the absence of enough information the people are inclined to attribute others nonexistent qualities, based on the first impression. This phenomenon is known in psychology as "effect of an aura".

Observation as method of collection of information

Observation since the most ancient times is a great way of accumulation of information and life experience. Use it to yourself for the good. For example, will not be superfluous to observe a situation at new work. Let's assume, after long search and wearisome interviews, you at last came to the new place. Some time you with work will have so-called "honeymoon" when you like all. However it is worth paying attention to some moments at once then to be surprised not so strongly. What information was placed on a bulletin board? Congratulations of colleagues on the wedding day and the birth of the child or penalties for delay and smoking in not put places? It can tell a lot of things about the administration. What specifics of style of communication in collective? How do colleagues with whom you should spend forty hours a week communicate among themselves? How does the head what tone he gives orders behave? To you it has to be comfortable at work, first of all, psychologically, and it is necessary to work with people. Pay attention whether employees at work are late? If yes, that why: during works involving all hands or it is corporate style? After all the habit to work for free - is harmful both to an organism, and mentality. To what dress code do employees adhere? Black sheep often cause irritation in collective, remember it. "Eminence grise", as a rule, is in any social group. Observe who in collective holds authority and whether it is possible to address it for support. Its voice often decisive in serious questions.

Safety rules at observation

It is necessary to remember that when using a method there are nuances.1. Your mood, fatigue.2 can affect result of observation. That assessment was exact, it is necessary to give it enough time.3. The recorded facts and circumstances have to repeat repeatedly. 4. More carefully with stereotypes and labels: "Beautiful and clever at the same time does not happen", "Silly blondes", "All men love soccer" and other.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team