Omfalit at newborns

Omfalit at newborns

Omfalit — a disease, the skin which are characterized by inflammation in a navel. The first signs usually appear on the second weeks of life of the child from symptoms of the catarrhal omfalit.

Primary and secondary omfalit

Early infection of an umbilical wound is the reason of primary omfalit. Development secondary is possible in case of presence of infections against the background of congenital anomalies. Incomplete umbilical, zheltochny or uric fistula is among those. Secondary omfalit appears on later terms and demands long-term treatment.

Depending on the nature of inflammatory process, it can be catarrhal and purulent. The becoming wet navel – the national name of the catarrhal omfalit arises in case of the slowed-down epitelization of an umbilical wound. Externally the disease is determined by the becoming wet umbilical wound, release of transparent liquid, a wound bottom covering by crusts. Quite often such crusts become bloody. Puffiness and reddening of an umbilical ring is noted. The general condition of the kid does not change, remains normal body temperature, however the lack of measures can lead to distribution of inflammatory process on adjacent fabrics.

Preventive measures and treatment at this stage of a disease includes processing of a wound 3% solution of peroxide of hydrogen or 5% solution of potassium of permanganate. The procedure is performed by not less than 3-4 times a day. In processing surely remove the appeared crusts.

Purulent omfalit

At a purulent omfalit the inflammatory process extends to umbilical vessels and hypodermic and fat cellulose, intoxication symptoms appear. Quite often purulent omfalit arises as a complication of the omfalit of catarrhal type. Skin around a navel finds bright red color, puffiness and expansion of venous network of an anterior abdominal wall is observed. The navel of the child turns into an ulcer, pruinose. Pressing provokes allocation of purulent weight. As a result the prelying fabrics are involved in inflammatory process, the umbilical area rises over a belly wall. The condition of the kid is regarded as heavy. He badly sucks a breast or a pacifier, the increase of weight is absent, sluggish, often belches, body temperature increases. The lack of necessary treatment quite often leads to development of sepsis. Formation of red strips indicates accession of a lymphangitis - defeat of umbilical vessels. Sharp deterioration in health leads up to 39 degrees to total rejection of food, enormous loss of weight and temperature increase. Treatment has to have complex character and consist of medicines for processing of a navel and antibacterial therapy.

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