Omission of a stomach before childbirth

Omission of a stomach before childbirth

As this most remarkable period in life of each woman long lasts. Especially so begins to seem in deadlines when it becomes heavy to go, pant, it is almost impossible to do household chores and future mom feels heavy and slow. On the ninth month of pregnancy she begins to have feeling of uneasiness before the forthcoming childbirth, waits and prepares for the fastest meeting with the kid.

What does omission of a stomach mean?

If you noticed that it became much easier to breathe, not so strongly edges already hurt, and the stomach goes a little down, then these are harbingers of fast childbirth. There is an omission of a bottom of a uterus, and the organism begins preparation for appearance of the baby on light. But do not panic, it does not mean at all that childbirth will begin soon and it is time to go to maternity hospital. The tummy at primipara begins to fall approximately in two weeks prior to the forthcoming childbirth. Omissions of a stomach can not be in advance if there was childbirth earlier (the second pregnancy). Most likely, it will occur at a stage of labor pains.

How to understand that the stomach fell?

Not always it is possible to see visually omission of a tummy, but there are several other ways it to define. For example, lately you were tormented by short wind, pain in the right podreberye, heartburn, and now you lightened, and these symptoms left you alone. Also, if you feel that there was a town between a stomach and a breast where the palm is located, so there was an omission of a bottom of a uterus. But at the same time the big pressure upon a bladder and a rectum comes that causes frequent desires to descend in a toilet.

The fallen stomach

In case pregnancy proceeded without complications and the woman is primipara, then it is possible to wait for approach of childbirth quietly. Have more a rest, you sleep, walk as far as possible. Double-check the necessary things packed for maternity hospital that to forget nothing.    

It is impossible to strain strongly at all, refuse any physical activities. It can provoke childbirth before the put term. Do not risk the health, you need rest now, and you should not disturb the kid ahead of time.

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