On what classes to give the child of 4 years

On what classes to give the child of 4 years

Often parents consider that various sections only take away the childhood from the child. Both physiologists, and psychologists claim that it is possible to be engaged in physical and spiritual development of the kid and it is necessary from 3-4 years. At this age children greedy absorb knowledge which facilitates then them study at school.


1. Each mom herself decides what sports circles for the child of 4 years will be the most suitable. Many sections are open for the baby at this age. And there are classes where take children of 2-3 years. For example, swimming.

2. To choose section, it is necessary to rely on needs of the child. If your child likes to spend time in a privacy more, you should not impose it team sport. And, on the contrary, will silly set the little fidget for a piano if it has more to liking dances or a theatrical circle.

3. Choosing sections for 4-year-old children, you should be prepared and allocate time in the operating schedule. The child is put till 7-10 will not be able to attend class independently. Besides there is a set of circles for children and their mothers. It is worth solving for himself whether you are ready to find in a row several years extra time for development of the child.

4. The choice of occupation is defined by needs of the child. If it needs to develop dexterity and coordination, it is worth writing down it on aikido or karate.

5. Begin to do figure skating from 3-4 years. More adult children are afraid of falling. Besides if parents dream of professional career of the figure skater for the child, later beginning of classes can become it a hindrance.

6. There are also extreme sections for 4-year-old children. The snowboard and mountain skiing concern them. Not each mom will decide to give the child there. But trainers assure that under supervision of the professional nothing, except cones, threatens the child.

7. Little children try to obtain great success in rhythmic gymnastics. As in this sport the main indicator is the extension, flexible teams of kids will help them to develop harmoniously physically.

8. For the general improvement it is possible to send the child on tennis or to wushu section. The first type of classes contributes to the development of flexibility, endurance and coordination. The second - strengthens an organism thanks to the elements of soft fight combined with respiratory gymnastics. Besides, it is possible to give the child on ballroom or ball and sports dances. Such occupation contributes to the physical development and also raises a self-assessment.

9. Circles for the child of 4 years can be not only with a physical bias. At this age of children accept on choral and solo singing, drawing, a molding, acting skills. Parents should visit studio and to write down the child on listening.

10. Unlike sports sections, creative workshops do not accept all children in a row. Mom needs to be ready to the fact that teachers can not find necessary abilities in her child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team