On what month of pregnancy it is necessary to begin to carry a bandage

On what month of pregnancy it is necessary to begin to carry a bandage

Pregnancy – one of the finest stages in the woman's life. However in the second trimester feelings of discomfort and weight in a waist zone begin to arise. It can facilitate such state only to a bandage. However not to do much harm to the child, future mom has to know when and as it is necessary to carry this adaptation.

Bandage for pregnant women: carrying terms

Often begin to carry a bandage on the fourth month of pregnancy only for against extensions. And here on 8-9 month it is already strongly recommended by gynecologists. However there are no accurate instructions since what month it is necessary to begin to carry a bandage. Everything depends on specific features of the pregnant woman. To some it is advised to use earlier, to others, on the contrary, later.

The weakened muscles of a stomach more often happen at repeated pregnancy or a mnogoplodiya.

On early terms it is recommended to carry a bandage if you: - you lead active lifestyle and the most part of time you walk;

- you have the weakened stomach muscles; - you have predisposition to emergence of extensions; - you have such diseases as osteochondrosis, a varicosity or obstetric pathologies; - you have threat of premature birth.

Bandage for pregnant women: rules of use

In order to avoid the problems connected with carrying a bandage to you it is necessary to remember several rules. As much as possible on time the bandage is carried by 2-3 hours then it is necessary to take a break for about 40-50 minutes. It is strictly forbidden to carry a bandage 24 hours a day, except for cases if to you it was prescribed on medical indications. The bandage needs to be tightened so that it did not squeeze an abdominal cavity, and only supported a stomach. In any situation the pregnant woman should not feel discomfort from a bandage, he is obliged to perform simplification function. Otherwise it is necessary to consult with the attending physician.

Types of bandages for pregnant women

Today there is a huge choice of bandages.

The combined bandage - ideal option for the women suffering from back and waist pains.

There are most popular types: A bandage pants – have a special insert which grows together with a tummy, also they thought over the lower fastener excluding the problem connected with campaigns to the ladies' room. A bandage shorts – practically the same design, as a bandage pants, but more warmed option. The bandage belt – thanks to the special regulated fasteners fixes the correct position of a uterus. The combined bandage - such adaptation can be carried not only at pregnancy, but also during the postnatal period. You remember: before beginning to use a bandage, consult with the gynecologist better.

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