On what term of pregnancy the toxicosis begins

On what term of pregnancy the toxicosis begins

Toxicosis at pregnancy occurs in many women, and it can develop both on early term, and several weeks prior to childbirth. If toxicosis of the first trimester does not threaten health of mom and child, then late toxicosis (gestosis) is very dangerous to both.

Most often toxicosis occurs in the women expecting the first child. It can have the easy form at which the sense of smell only becomes aggravated. And can annoy future mom constant attacks of nausea.

Toxicosis of the first trimester

Some women can feel the first symptoms of toxicosis on the 4th week of pregnancy. Nausea, drowsiness, feeling sick, irritability, loss of weight concern them.

The cause of early toxicosis consists in the products of a metabolism allocated by a fruit. Up to 16 weeks the placenta is not created completely yet therefore waste products of the kid get to mother's organism, causing intoxication.

The hormonal jump in mother's organism can be other cause of toxicosis. As a result of it the sensitivity to smells and tastes of some products which before pregnancy were transferred well becomes aggravated. Water with a lemon or meal of small portions will help to facilitate toxicosis attacks, but it is frequent. After 16 weeks of pregnancy, as a rule, toxicosis symptoms completely disappear therefore it is necessary to have patience and to endure this period.

Late toxicosis

Toxicosis in the last trimester of pregnancy is called a gestosis. Most often it arises on the term of 30 weeks. Thirst attacks, elevated pressure and availability of protein in urine belong to the earliest symptoms of a gestosis. Over time hypostases, an increase in weight more than 500 grams a week and attacks of nausea join them. This state is dangerous that in an organism of mother the blood circulation and water-salt balance is broken. The placenta swells, begins to function worse, and the kid receives insufficient amount of oxygen and useful substances. Prevention of a gestosis comes down to restriction of greasy, spicy, sweet and salty food and also amount of the drunk liquid. Special exercises are useful to pregnant women, walk in the fresh air and a dream not less than 8 hours a day. Most often the gestosis is observed at the women expecting the first child or twins. Presence of chronic diseases, infections, sexually transmitted, and age of the woman is more senior than 35 years are also risk factors for appearance of a gestosis. To learn: whether your pregnancy will be followed by toxicosis, ask the mom as pregnancy at it proceeded. In most cases toxicosis has hereditary character.

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