On what term the stomach begins to grow

On what term the stomach begins to grow

One of the questions which are most concerning any pregnant woman is a question of when the tummy begins to grow considerably? In average figure doctors designate the 16th week of pregnancy, however in advance it is impossible to predict the beginning of noticeable increase in volume of a stomach for each specific woman.

What factors influence increase in the sizes of a stomach

An important role in this question is played by anatomic features of the woman. So the women possessing a narrow basin will see the tummy increasing in a size on the smaller term of pregnancy, than future mummies with wider pelvic bones.

If the woman has a wide basin, then in the early stages of pregnancy the fruit can be located between bones.

For the term of emergence of a stomach also the number of the pregnancies preceding real influences. Usually at the women expecting the first baby, the tummy begins to grow later, than at the following pregnancies. It is connected with the fact that initially muscles of a stomach of the woman stronger, than after the delivery.

The kid can settle down both at a back wall of a uterus, and at a lobby. It is easy to draw a conclusion that when the fruit is located closer to a back — the tummy begins to appear later.

If at pregnancy in a uterus rather large amount of amniotic waters is formed — the stomach of the woman looks more volume.

One and the factors influencing time of emergence of a tummy is the heredity. Often pregnancy of mom and daughter proceed according to the similar scheme. However, it occurs not always. At a set of rather big weight during pregnancy the stomach of the woman begins to grow earlier. It is connected not only with the sizes of future kid, but also with a layer of the fatty tissue appearing on a stomach of the pregnant woman. The size of the kid plays not the last role in the matter. The baby grows actively, therefore and the stomach increases more rapidly.

Terms of emergence of a stomach

The 16th week of pregnancy is considered the average term of emergence of a tummy, i.e. on 4-5 month the people around will be able to notice that the woman expects addition in family. However at very stout woman the stomach can be not noticeable up to deadlines. And here the women expecting twins will be able to see the rounded tummy on 2-3 month of pregnancy. The fact is that the uterus in this case grows much quicker. In case of doubts about whether everything is normal with course of your pregnancy and whether there corresponds the tummy size to pregnancy term better to see a doctor. By means of ultrasonography it is possible to dispel any doubts and fears connected with this question.

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