Optimum weight at pregnancy

Optimum weight at pregnancy

Many girls refuse a dream to give birth to the child only because to be afraid to lose the ideal figure. But you should not think that, having gained weight at pregnancy, it and will remain. If all 9 months to adhere to a balanced diet about a minimum of exercises, then extra kilos after the delivery to you will not come. A set of weight at pregnancy is important because it is guarantee of health of your future kid.


1. Excessive weight at pregnancy is very harmful both to mom, and to the kid. Because of a big set of weight at the woman the diabetes and late toxicosis can develop. Both diseases will not bring to young mom any joy. Because of diabetes the kid can gain a lot of weight too, and it will be difficult for mom to give birth to him. Because of toxicosis the increase in arterial blood pressure is possible that can negatively affect health of future mom. Besides, extra kilos at pregnancy and will remain after the delivery. And it means that it is necessary to try to dump them.

2. Insufficient weight at pregnancy when future mom specially is malnourished, is also life-threatening a fruit. At an insufficient set of weight the child is born small, weak and often premature. Because of its small weight at the child physical deviations in development can develop. For example, because of malnutrition of mother the child can will be born with violation of brain activity or a metabolism. At the beginning of pregnancy the malnutrition can lead to an abortion. Therefore doctors advise girls who are tormented by toxicosis, is in the small portions easy food. If you are afraid to spoil your ideal figure, then it is worth eating low-calorie products. But all of you equally have to gain weight.

3. It is considered that in all nine months it is possible to gain 12-18 kg. The less your weight was before pregnancy, the you can gain more kilograms. Women who have obesity will eat on a special diet which will be appointed by the doctor. Such women are not allowed to gain more than 7-9 kg. At such diets the woman not only will not gather superfluous, but also, perhaps, will lose weight.

4. During every period of pregnancy the woman gains weight differently. In the first trimester the pregnant woman usually does not gain weight, or gathers insignificantly, about 2 kg. At the beginning of pregnancy there can be toxicosis because of which initial weight is often lost. In the second trimester it is weekly allowed to gather 200-300 gr. And in the third trimester this figure increases to 300-400 gr. in a week. At the very end of pregnancy, on 38-40 week, the weight of the woman can be lost because of preparation of an organism for the forthcoming childbirth. If to gain weight normal, then after the delivery he will leave without any exercises

5. If interests you where there are kilograms gained by you, then let's count. On the kid 3.5 kg, on a placenta – 0.5 kg, on a uterus – 1 kg, on amniotic waters – 1 kg and on the increased breasts – 0.5 kg on average leave. On additional blood which supplies the child with oxygen 1.5 kg of your weight leave. Water in an organism of the pregnant woman weighs about 2 kg and fat which protects the kid from external influences – 2-4 kg. These data can evade strongly in different directions by some criteria. For example, if the woman has a large kid, then and the placenta will be the bigger size. If the diagnosis "abundance of water" is made to the woman, then, therefore, the weight of amniotic waters is increased. Because of the increased appetite and thirst a set of weight is also possible. Therefore it is necessary to watch the food initially. Whenever possible limit yourself in salt that water was not late in an organism and there were no hypostases.

6. Is not necessary at pregnancy is "for two". Eat in the small portions and it is frequent not to load a stomach. Observe a balanced diet, try to eat healthy and natural products. Between the main meals have a bite fruit or vegetable salads. Limit yourself in sweet and in pastries. Have black tea and coffee less. These products prevent digestion of iron from products, and anemia can develop. Try to gain weight evenly, you should not starve at pregnancy for the sake of weight loss. It does not lead to anything good.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team